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MLRC Publications

MLRC produces a variety of publications focused on different practical and doctrinal aspects of media and First Amendment law.  These publications are produced by practitioners for practitioners.


The MediaLawLetter is the leading professional news source for developments in media law and policy, with reports on decisions and statutory developments.


The MediaLawDaily is our best read publication, a six-days-per-week email collecting breaking news about media law, technology and business developments, including links to a curated selection of decisions, briefs and legislative initiatives.

Zoom Programs

Open to all members, MLRC presents live Q&A sessions with prominent scholars, authors, journalists and lawyers on the latest developments and trends in the media and First Amendment space. Notable participants include: Bob Woodward, Ted Koppel, Katy Tur, Maggie Haberman, Adam Liptak, Judge Michael Luttig, Floyd Abrams, Nadine Strossen, and many more.

Digital Review

A monthly round-up of national and international digital law and policy developments, from MLRC Deputy Director Jeff Hermes.

MLRC Bulletin

The Bulletin is an in-depth journal on media law developments and trends, including studies of U.S. media libel and privacy trials and damage awards.

Model Briefs and Practice Guides

Our model briefs and guides provide invaluable information on defamation, newsgathering, access, and other key areas of media law and practice.

Criminal Lawyer Referral List

A nationwide list of lawyers who can assist journalists with search warrant, grand jury subpoenas, and other issues related to newsgathering and criminal liability.

MLRC 50-State Surveys

Three annually updated treatises – Media Libel Law – Media Privacy and Related Law – Employment Libel and Privacy Law  – are the leading litigation guides to the law in these fields, with detailed state-by-state information.