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Digital Review

A monthly round-up of legal tech news from MLRC deputy director Jeff Hermes.

Jul 2022

Digital Review June – July 2022

The fall of Roe, digital privacy, and online discussion of abortion | The First Amendment and anonymous copyright infringement | Déjà vu with TikTok back in the spotlight | A wave of “social media addiction” cases hits | Is a long and complex URL enough for Van Buren’s gates to be down? | The Copyright…

May 2022

Digital Review May 2022

Tasseography with the Supreme Court in NetChoice | The Ninth Circuit doubles down in hiQ | More consequences for Richard Liebowitz | SOPA/PIPA-style takedown orders against pirate sites | Lissajous curves and lemniscates | Getting meta with patent law: Does a “buffer” include a “cache”? | The short life of the Disinformation Governance Board |…

Apr 2022

Digital Review March – April 2022

The Cyberwar in Ukraine | Elon Musk & Twitter | Justice Thomas on Section 230 (yet again) | The 9th Circuit on hiQ v. LinkedIn after remand | Europe, the DSA and the DMA | and so, so much more…

Feb 2022

Digital Review February 2022

Ukraine, Russia, and the information war | The Supreme Court on mistakes in copyright registration | Ken Paxton is at it again. And again. And again. | Instagram fights off an embedding lawsuit | No trademark registration for ".SUCKS," but not for the reason you might expect | Edible Arrangements tastes defeat | Updates on…

Jan 2022

Digital Review December 2021 – January 2022

Justice Breyer's First Amendment & copyright decisions | Indiana's revenge porn law survives strict scrutiny | So many federal many First Amendment issues | Pegasus problems persist, proving pervasive | Copyright transfer as a remedy in non-copyright cases | Texas' content moderation law is enjoined | The Fifth Circuit questions Zippo | Plenty of…

Nov 2021

Digital Review November 2021

Denials of rehearing in major cases in the Third and Eighth Circuits | Patent judges in Texas face scrutiny | An interesting cross-platform threats case in Wisconsin | Trump loses the home court advantage against social media | The NFT disputes are rolling in | and much more...

Oct 2021

Digital Review October 2021

The Supreme Court is back at work and denying cert | The Facebook whistleblower makes waves | Cracking down on ransomware gangs | New hurdles for Trump's attempts to return to social media | President Biden finally gets around to FCC nominations | Missouri Gov. Parson needs to chill out | and much more...

Sep 2021

Digital Review September 2021

The limits of the "modern public square" metaphor | The FTC ramps up on privacy issues | Section 230 and rights of publicity | The server test notches a win | The Second Circuit tries a third time to decide Vimeo | Texas passes its anti-content moderation bill | The Eighth Circuit and a hyperlink…

May 2021

Digital Review May 2021

Florida tells social media sites how to moderate | A California city learns to check its security before lobbing a hacking claim | The embedded content issue is back in a suit against Instagram | A defective design claim against Snap evades Section 230 | The Facebook Oversight Board rules on Donald Trump | A…

Apr 2021

Digital Review April 2021

The Supreme Court decides Google v. Oracle America, Biden v. Knight First Amendment Institute, and more | The Second Circuit tries to harmonize the law on standing in data breach cases | The Fourth Circuit takes on defamation by hyperlink | Two cases on revocation of access to digital content that users have "bought" |…