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MLRC Bulletin

The Bulletin is an in-depth journal on media law developments and trends, including regularly updated studies of U.S. media libel, privacy and related trials.

Dec 2022

Year End Articles

Satire and Political Cartoons; The Internet Has Failed Us as a Society: A Debate; Actual Malice, Ariel Sharon, and the Future of the Right to be Wrong

Dec 2022

Best of the MLRC Zoom Series 2022

In 2022, MLRC continued a series of virtual conversations with lawyers, academics, and journalists. Experts in their fields, they each sat for hour long in-depth conversations.

Mar 2022

New York Times v. Sullivan: The Case for Preserving an Essential Precedent

MLRC has asked multiple experts to examine each of the major contentions that undergird the Justices’ calls for Sullivan to be revisited. Collectively, they make an unassailable case that Sullivan’s rendition of the First Amendment-based limitations on libel law was correct when the case was decided and that it remains equally correct today.

Dec 2021

Conversations with First Amendment Scholars 2021

Conversations with Professor Cass Sunstein; Professor Nadine Strossen (former President of the ACLU); University of Missouri Law School Dean Lyrissa Lidsky; and author and Davis Wright Tremaine partner Robert Corn-Revere.

Oct 2021

Emerging Trends in Applying the Rhetorical Hyperbole Defense

Dan Novack, Clay Calvert and others on rhetorical hyperbole as a defamation defense.

Jun 2021

Bulletin 2021: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media

A collection of essays published in conjunction with the conference of the same name, held online in May.

Dec 2020

MLRC Bulletin 2020 Issue 3

“Conversations with Journalists,” is a compilation of discussions we had with some of our county’s most celebrated reporters, editors and opinion writers, including: Bob Woodward, Maggie Haberman, Nick Kristof, Len Downey, and Emily Bazelon.

Nov 2020

MLRC Bulletin 2020 Issue 2

Transcripts from MLRC's First Amendment Scholars Hour Zoom meetings. Top legal scholars discuss their work, particularly as it relates to freedom of speech and of the press.

Jul 2020

MLRC Bulletin 2020 Issue 1

A collection of articles on tech and the law, published in conjunction with our annual Legal Frontiers in Digital Media Conference.