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The MediaLawLetter is the leading professional news source for developments in media law and policy, with reports on decisions and statutory developments.

Apr 2023

MediaLawLetter April 2023

Long-Run Effects of Dominion v. Fox; D.C. Court of Appeal Affirms Anti-SLAPP Fee Award in “Steele Dossier” Case; Internet Archive Slammed in Decision Rejecting Mass Distribution of Unlicensed Ebooks Under ‘Controlled Digital Lending’ Theory; and more.

Feb 2023

MediaLawLetter February 2023

California Appeals Court Affirms Tarantino Movie Does Not Violate Actor’s RoP; Colorado Court Affirms Dismissal of Anti-Abortion Activist’s Libel Suit; Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Complaint Based On Fair Report Privilege; Celebrating Sullivan’s 59th Anniversary; MLRC White Paper’s First; Ten Questions for Penguin Random House's Dan Novack and more.

Jan 2023

MediaLawLetter January 2023

Defamation Suit Against Daily Beast Dismissed; Statements Lampooning Restaurateur for Racist Dress Code Were Nonactionable Satire; Court Enjoins Netflix Prosecution; Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer: Jens van den Brink; and more.

Nov 2022

MediaLawLetter November-December 2022

Freedom of Speech Looms Large at Supreme Court; Dave Portnoy Lawsuit Dismissed; Fourth Circuit Hears First Amendment Challenge to NC Election Libel Law; Wyoming Federal Court Applies Rogers Test and “Genuine Artistic Motive” Test; Ten Questions for New Zealand Lawyer William Akel and more.

Oct 2022

MediaLawLetter October 2022

Catholic Church Subpoena for Berkshire Eagle’s Confidential Sources; Journalist Jim DeRogatis Avoids Having to Testify in R. Kelly Criminal Trial; Federal Court Dismisses Tara Reade’s Privacy Suit Against New York Times; New York Court Upholds First Amendment Right of Access to Jury Selection in Upcoming Trump Trial; MLRC Finds Opportunities Amidst Crisis; and more.

Sep 2022

MediaLawLetter September 2022

The MediaLawLetter is the leading professional news source for developments in media law and policy, with reports on decisions and statutory developments.

Aug 2022

MediaLawLetter July-August 2022

Florida Court Releases Redacted Warrant for Mar a Lago Search; New York Times Prevails in Two Defamation Lawsuits; SCOTUS Sides With Praying Coach; Circuit Courts on Right to Record; Ten Questions for Chip Babcock and more.

Jun 2022

MediaLawLetter June 2022

Circuit Courts Weigh in on First Amendment Rights of Online Platforms; How Virginia Law Paved The Way for Depp v. Heard; Roy Moore Defamation Claim Over Political Ad Headed to Trial; Ten Questions for Bloomberg's Randy Shapiro and more.

Jun 2022

MediaLawLetter May 2022

Jury Sides with Kardashian/Jenner Family in Blac Chyna Lawsuit; Trump’s Use of Phrases Like “Kung Flu” to Describe CovidnNot Defamatory; Washington Court SLAPPs Project Veritas Lawsuit; Parody Play “Vape” Gets Positive Review from SDNY; Supreme Court Clarifies What It Takes to Be Content Based; MLRC ED Reflects on Leaks and Lakers; and more.

May 2022

MediaLawLetter April 2022

Anti-SLAPP Legislation Introduced in Kentucky; Fight for the Videos of the Landmark Prop 8 Trial Again Moves to the Supreme Court; Ninth Circuit Reaffirms CFAA Does Not Prohibit Web Scraping in hiQ v. LinkedIn; MLRC Conferences in the Covid-Era; 10 Questions for Tenaya Rodewald and more