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Sep 2021

MediaLawLetter September 2021

8th Circuit ruling in Devin Nunes defamation suit v. Ryan Lizza; Illinois Court Upholds Summary Judgment in Favor of Crain’s Chicago Business Against Attention-Seeking Tech CEO; Landmark Defamation Decision in Australia Says You Are Liable for the Content Section; VA Conference Wrap-Up and Tributes to Kurt Wimmer and Lee Levine; and more.

Aug 2021

MediaLawLetter August 2021

Ninth Circuit Affirms First Amendment Protection for Rachel Maddow; The Most Bizarre Lawsuit(s) Involving ‘The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge’ Gets Dismissed; The ‘Embed’ Saga Continues: Another Court Rejects ‘Server Test’ With More Decisions Looming; Ten Questions for Harry Melkonian and much more.

Jul 2021

MediaLawLetter July 2021

“Cursing Cheerleader” Decision Leaves Unanswered Questions About Public Schools’ Authority Over Students’ Digital Free Speech Rights; SCOTUS Strikes Down California’s Disclosure Requirement for Charitable Donors; Supreme Court Denies Cert Petition Asking Court to Overrule Public Figure; Donald Trump Tries to Hold Social Media Platforms Liable for Politicians’ Exercise of Soft Power; Ferguson Civil Rights Case…

Jun 2021

MediaLawLetter June 2021

SCOTUS Ruling on Computer Fraud and Abuse Act May Help Investigative Journalists; New York Appeals Court Dismisses Porco v. Lifetime; Calling a Person Racist or Attributing Racist Statements to Him Not Actionable in Defamation; As Harry And Meghan Become a Hybrid Royal /Celebrity Couple, What If Any Is Their Impact on Celebrity Reporting?; Reflecting on…

May 2021

MediaLawLetter May 2021

Volunteering for #TimesUp; Dr. Luke Not a Public Figure; Roy Moore Defamation Claim Proceeds; Florida Court SLAPPs Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit; Washington Enacts Uniform Public Expression Protection Act; Mass. Digs Into Section 230; Supreme Court OKs FCC Updates to Local Media Ownership Rules; Oracle v. Google and more.

Apr 2021

MediaLawLetter April 2021

Suggestions for Combatting the Poor Public Perception of Journalists; Iowa Journalist Covering Racial Justice Protest Not Guilty; Promise of Source Anonymity & Breach of the Source’s Duty to a Third Party: A Practical Checklist; Former Congresswoman’s “Revenge Porn” Suit Against Media Outlets Dismissed; Daily News Reports About Teacher’s “Slavery Lesson” Not Defamatory; What A Costly…

Mar 2021

MediaLawLetter March 2021

2d Cir. rejects fair use defense in Andy Warhol case; courts grapple with #MeToo libel cases; separate showings of documentary are separately actionable; New York’s new anti-SLAPP law applied; NFTs explained; AP wins access to DOJ misconduct docs; and more.

Feb 2021

MediaLawLetter February 2021

Publication of Archived Photograph Not Defamatory; Allegations of Scientific Misconduct Protected as Opinion; Court SLAPPs Police Officer’s False Light Claim; No Qualified Immunity for Cop Who Tear-Gassed Journalists; Privacy Victory for Meghan Markle; Senators Propose Substantial Revisions to Section 230; Rubik’s Cube Nonfunctional – Really? Reflecting on Larry Flynt

Jan 2021

MediaLawLetter January 2021

Court Dismisses Nunes Defamation Suit Against Washington Post; Anti-SLAPP Law Applies Retroactively to Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Against New York Times; the Assange Extradition Trial; Lessons from the Nicki Minaj Copyright Judgment; 10 Questions to NYT's Dana Green and more.