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Jun 2022

MediaLawLetter June 2022

Circuit Courts Weigh in on First Amendment Rights of Online Platforms; How Virginia Law Paved The Way for Depp v. Heard; Roy Moore Defamation Claim Over Political Ad Headed to Trial; Ten Questions for Bloomberg's Randy Shapiro and more.

Jun 2022

MediaLawLetter May 2022

Jury Sides with Kardashian/Jenner Family in Blac Chyna Lawsuit; Trump’s Use of Phrases Like “Kung Flu” to Describe CovidnNot Defamatory; Washington Court SLAPPs Project Veritas Lawsuit; Parody Play “Vape” Gets Positive Review from SDNY; Supreme Court Clarifies What It Takes to Be Content Based; MLRC ED Reflects on Leaks and Lakers; and more.

May 2022

MediaLawLetter April 2022

Anti-SLAPP Legislation Introduced in Kentucky; Fight for the Videos of the Landmark Prop 8 Trial Again Moves to the Supreme Court; Ninth Circuit Reaffirms CFAA Does Not Prohibit Web Scraping in hiQ v. LinkedIn; MLRC Conferences in the Covid-Era; 10 Questions for Tenaya Rodewald and more

Mar 2022

MediaLawLetter March 2022

Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of The Most Bizarre Lawsuit Involving The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge; Ninth Circuit’s Dark Horse Opinion Clarifies What Music Is Not Protected by Copyright; Court Affirms Ruling That Twitter’s Lawsuit Over Alleged Retaliation By Texas AG Is Unripe; In Praise of the Neutral Report Privilege; 10 Questions for Adolfo Jimenez…

Feb 2022

MediaLawLetter February 2022

Palin v. New York Times Tests the Actual Malice Standard; Roy Moore #MeToo Libel Suit Results in a “Dogfall”; Nevada Court SLAPPs False Light and Right of Publicity Claims Against ‘Confronting: O.J.’ Podcast; FCC Stymied Its Own Ability to Block State Net Neutrality Rules; and more.

Jan 2022

MediaLawLetter January 2022

Court Upholds Dismissal of Libel Suit by Trump Campaign Adviser Against Yahoo and HuffPost; Reuters Gets Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Personal Trainer’s Lawsuit Dismissed; N.Y. Supreme SLAPPs The Epoch Times’ Suit Against Politico; Media Law Highlights of 2021 and Predictions for 2022; 10 Questions for First Look's Kay Murray; and much more.

Dec 2021

MediaLawLetter November-December 2021

Losing ground on access to juror information ... and what we can do about it; Court enjoins Texas social media “censorship” law; SCT asked to review prepub rules for govt. memoirs; ProPublica gets billionaire’s search warrant materials; Privacy and the criminal process in England; Holiday greetings from MLRC and more.

Oct 2021

MediaLawLetter October 2021

Jury returns verdict for broadcaster in public figure libel trial; winning under the negligence standard; defamation case vs. podcaster dismissed; Barbara Wall honored with William J. Brennan, Jr. Award; and more.

Sep 2021

MediaLawLetter September 2021

8th Circuit ruling in Devin Nunes defamation suit v. Ryan Lizza; Illinois Court Upholds Summary Judgment in Favor of Crain’s Chicago Business Against Attention-Seeking Tech CEO; Landmark Defamation Decision in Australia Says You Are Liable for the Content Section; VA Conference Wrap-Up and Tributes to Kurt Wimmer and Lee Levine; and more.

Aug 2021

MediaLawLetter August 2021

Ninth Circuit Affirms First Amendment Protection for Rachel Maddow; The Most Bizarre Lawsuit(s) Involving ‘The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge’ Gets Dismissed; The ‘Embed’ Saga Continues: Another Court Rejects ‘Server Test’ With More Decisions Looming; Ten Questions for Harry Melkonian and much more.