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Membership gets you access to even more essential tools and resources.

MLRC offers a variety of ways to connect with fellow lawyers in the media bar: issue-oriented committees; a searchable member database; a listserv for legal advice, news and gossip; and a job board with exclusive offerings.

Why Join?

Membership provides company-wide access to publications, conference invitations, committee participation, and book discounts.

  • Access to all MLRC publications
  • Participation in MLRC committees, projects
  • Access to member conferences
  • All reports and publications from MLRC and MLRC committees
  • Online access to Litigation Resources, including model briefs and other resource materials
  • Access to our Listserv to post questions to members
  • Access to our Job Board to post openings

Note: Certain membership categories are entitled to limited benefits; see application form for any restrictions.

Media Members

MLRC’s Media Members are over 100 of the world’s leading publishers, broadcasters, cable programmers, internet companies, and media insurance professionals.

  • All content creators, publishers, or distribution platforms
  • Media trade associations or professional journalism associations
  • Media-related public interest organizations
  • Members of the media insurance industry
  • Media and free speech nonprofits

Defense Counsel Section

Over 200 law firms are members of the Defense Counsel Section. Members pledge not to represent plaintiffs in defamation, privacy, newsgathering and related tort lawsuits or take steps in contemplation of such litigation against the media. Non-U.S. law firms that cannot make this pledge may be eligible for Associate Membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Memberships are intended for non-U.S. based law firms. Associate Members must counsel media organizations and support the mission and efforts of MLRC. They may not seek or encourage defamation or privacy lawsuits against the media.

Academic Member

Academic Memberships are intended for those who, on a full-time basis, study and work on media law issues at universities, colleges, law schools, or other academic institutions. Academic members may include general counsel, faculty members, research fellows, and attorneys working in academic clinics or research projects.

Student Membership

The MLRC Free Student membership is intended for Law School students in order to help them learn more about the practice of media law and to encourage them to consider a career in the field.

Not sure where you fit?

Not sure where you fit?