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Digital Privacy

Jan 2015

When Do the Plaintiff’s Interests Outweigh the Internet Speaker’s Right to Remain Anonymous?

Joshua Koltun

Courts have been grappling with this question repeatedly over the past decade and a half, as anonymous speech has become prevalent on the internet.

Jan 2015

Mobile Data Collection

Matthew Fischer and Afigo Fadahunsi

Many incredible capabilities exist as a result of mobile device users disclosing their personal information, and public concern over online privacy breaches has spread to the mobile industry with news stories about geolocation tracking and mobile devices disclosing users' personal information via downloaded software applications.

Jan 2015

An ESI “Top Ten”: What Every Media Lawyer Should Know About E-Discovery and Electronically Stored Information

Jeremy Feigelson and Joseph Sano

Our list includes some general rules of the road regarding "electronically stored information" (ESI) and some specific pointers for how ESI issues may play out in media law cases.