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Digital Privacy

Dec 2022

Professor Amy Gajda on Privacy and the Media and Her New Book “Seek and Hide”

Tulane Law professor, former journalist and privacy expert on the skirmishes between the press, the public, and the powerful, and the evolving boundaries of the law.

Sep 2022

Data Security & Privacy 101

Resources exploring data security (what businesses are obligated to do in the event of a data breach, the financial implications, and best practices for responding), and data privacy ( how our patchwork of laws impacts businesses).

Jul 2020

Does the First Amendment Include a Right to Scrape Photographs from Public Websites?

Jeff Hermes

The assertion that the First Amendment protects photo scraping has been met with skepticism from both privacy advocates and First Amendment lawyers.

Jul 2020

CCPA Private Litigation, Recent Developments and Potential New Privacy Legislation on the Horizon

Jim Snell, Marina Gatto and Gabriella Gallego

This article discusses CCPA private litigation trends to date, summarizes the California Attorney General regulations and a ballot initiative that may be on the November 2020 ballot.

Jan 2018

Recent Developments With The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Jeremy D. Mishkin

Courts' applications of the CFAA vary markedly, in large part due to the differing interpretations of the CFAA's key provisions. This article examines this varied treatment.

Jan 2018

The Right to Be Forgotten

Kevin L. Vick

In 2014, the "right to be forgotten" leapt from the world of law school journals to the frontpages of newspapers and websites on the heels of the Court of Justice of the European Union's Google Spain decision.