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Jan 2024

Lawsuit Over Alleged CIA Spying on Assange Visitors May Proceed in Part

Matt Kristoffersen

Four Americans may now proceed with their lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency for allegedly copying data from their devices while visiting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Nov 2023

Journalists’ Civil Rights Claims for Abuses During George Floyd and Daunte Wright Protests Can Go to Trial

Isabella Salomão Nascimento, Pari McGarraugh, and Kevin Riach

All told, the Court’s decision is an unqualified victory for Plaintiffs in this case, their fellow journalist colleagues, and the First Amendment writ large.

Oct 2023

Federal Court Holds that Incidental Capture of Photos in Background of Documentary Film is Fair Use

Adam Rich and Samuel Bayard

This decision will be helpful to documentary filmmakers who incidentally capture copyrighted works while documenting actions and events that are of legitimate public concern.

Oct 2023

Iowa Journalist Can Proceed with Suit Against Officer Who Arrested Him, Eighth Circuit Decides

Matt Kristoffersen

“Once Officer Holtan was aware Nieters was a member of the press and had no reason to believe Nieters had been within hearing distance of the orders to disperse,” the opinion states, “it certainly was not an ‘objectively reasonable’ mistake to believe probable cause existed for the arrest.”

Oct 2023

Fifth Circuit Holds Texas Drone Regulation Law to Be Constitutional

Alicia Wagner Calzada

A recent drone journalism opinion out of the Fifth Circuit could have negative implications for years to come, beyond the issues in the case itself.

Sep 2023

Journalist Who Fled Mexico After 2008 Death Threats Finally Granted Asylum

Chuck Tobin and Steve Zansberg

The tribunal noted that “journalists in Mexico are sometimes subject to physical attacks, harassment, and intimidation due to their reporting, making Mexico one of the most dangerous places in the world, outside war zones, for journalists.” 

Jul 2023

Arizona Law Banning Video Recording of Police Ruled Unconstitutional

Matthew E. Kelley

Ruling in favor of a coalition of news organizations, a federal judge has struck down an Arizona statute that would have made it a crime to record video of police within eight feet of them after being warned to stop.

Jun 2023

Daniel Ellsberg: A Personal Remembrance of an American Hero

George Freeman

Though in our volatile and combative times, many journalists – and their sources – are exceptionally courageous, and often sacrifice their well-being for their profession and causes, Ellsberg was the unequaled model for such behavior.

May 2023

Court Dismisses Trump’s Tortious Interference Claim Against The New York Times

Samantha C. Hamilton

Judge Reed’s decision is especially important for reporters who have sources with NDAs.

Mar 2023

The Court and the Press in the Murdaugh Murders Trial

Jay Bender

On balance, the press members who were in Walterboro deserve as high a grade as the individuals who worked very hard to fulfill the provision in the South Carolina Constitution that all courts are public.