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December 2011

MediaLawLetter November 2011


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Anthony Lewis Receives MLRC’s William J. Brennan, Jr. Defense of Freedom Award
MLRC Annual Dinner 2011

MLRC Annual Meeting

DCS Annual Meeting


Minn.  Dist.:  Minnesota Jury Hits Broadcaster With $1 Million Defamation Damage Award
Report About Holistic Healer Found False and Negligent
Wahl v. KSTP-TV, LLC

N.D. Ill.: Court Grants Summary Judgment on Civil Rights Claims Based on Reality TV Program
Allows Claim for Violation of Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act to Proceed
Best v. Malec

N.D. Cal.: Court Refuses to Dismiss Privacy and Emotional Distress Claims Over Predator” Sting     
No Legitimate Law Enforcement Purpose; “Sensationalization” of News Could Be Outrageous
Tiwari v. NBC Universal

Ill. App.: Illinois Appellate Court Analyzes Protection for Anonymity in Online Libel Case
Burden on Plaintiff to Show Prima Facie Case
Stone v. Paddock Publications, Inc.

C.D. Cal.: Sergeant’s Claims Against Makers, Distributor Of The Hurt Locker Stricken In Their Entirety
Film “Transformative”; Full First Amendment Protection against Right of Publicity And Other Claims
Sarver v. The Hurt Locker LLC, et al.

Fla. App.: Traditional Minimum Contacts Analysis Applied to Online Libel Case
Court Finds Zippo’s Sliding Scale Approach Flawed
Caiazzo v. American Royal Arts Corp.

Ore. App.: Court Reverses Wiretap Conviction for Videotaping Police Traffic Stop
Clarifies Ambiguity in Wiretapping Law
Oregon v. Neff


Constitutional Protection for False Statements of Fact?
Supreme Grants Cert. to Review the Stolen Valor Act
United States v. Alvarez


Ill. Cir.: Court Quashes Subpoenas in “Cold Case”
Shield Law Applied in Prosecution of 50-year old Murder
People v. McCullough


N.D. Cal.:  Doe Defendant’s Right to Speak Anonymously Trumps Copyright Plaintiff’s Desire to Discover His Identity    
Court Holds Plaintiff to a Rigorous “Balancing of Harms” Test
Art of Living Foundation v. Does


Canada: Cyberlibel and Hyperlinks
A Victory For Freedom Of Internet Communication
Crookes v. Newton

UK & Europe: Other Side of the Pond: Updates on UK and European Media Law    
Libel Reform, Leveson Inquiry, Media Litigation, EU Assession and More 

ECJ: Infringement of Personality Rights on the Internet
Impact of ECJ Decision on French Law of Jurisdiction

European Internet Forum Shopping Bonanza
Olivier Martinez v. MGN Ltd and eDate Advertising GmbH v. X