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January 2008

MediaLawLetter March 2008


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D.C. Cir.: D.C. Circuit Stays Extraordinary and Unprecedented Contempt Sanction Against Reporter
Orders Expedited Briefing and Argument on Common Law Reporter’s Privilege
Hatfill v. Mukasey

MLRC: Invasion Of The Privacy Act: How Recent Interpretations Threaten Confidential Sources

Court Martial: Court-martial Quashes Subpoena For Outtakes of 60 Minutes Haditha Interview
United States v. Wuterich

Minn. App.: Appeals Court Quashes Subpoena to Reporter Over “Stand-Off” Interview
In Re: Death Investigation of Jeffrey Alan Skjervold


U.S.: Supreme Court to Hear “Fleeting Expletives” Indecency Case
First Broadcast Indecency Case Since FCC v. Pacifica
FCC v. Fox Television


D. Mass; N.D. Cal.: Federal Judges Reject Attempts to Take Down Documents Posted Online
Claims Rejected as Impermissible Prior Restraints
ConnectU, et al. v. Facebook, Inc.; Bank Julius Baer, et al. v. Wikileaks, et al.


Mich.: Sex, Lies and Text Messages
FOIA Request for Detroit Mayor’s Messages Sparks Scandal
Detroit Free Press v City of Detroit


N.Y.: New York Court of Appeals Reverses Libel Judgment against Weekly Newspaper
Political Column Was Protected Opinion
Mann v. Abel

N.Y. Sup.: Libel in Fiction Claim Survives Motion to Dismiss
Law & Order Character Could Be “Of and Concerning” Plaintiff
Batra v. Wolf

S.D.N.Y.: Civil Rights and Emotional Distress Claims Over Dateline
“Predator” Episode Survive Motion to Dismiss
Conradt v. NBC Universal

Cal. App.: Mass Mailing Seeking Evidence of Sexual Harassment Not Defamatory
Plaintiff’s Failure to Recall Is Not A Denial
Spelling v. Sessions

Cal. App.: Court Affirms Dismissal of Libel Complaint Against Finnish Magazine and Source
Anti-SLAPP Law Applies Broadly
Nygard, Inc. v. Uusi-Kerttula

Ill. Cir.: Newspaper Prevails on Summary Judgment in Lawsuit Over Advertisement
Cha v. Lee

Tex. App.: Libel Verdict Affirmed Against Civil Rights Organization
Allegations Not Privileged, Sufficient Evidence of Actual Malice
Clark v. Jenkins


D.N.J.: Court Rejects Copyright Challenge to Spike TV’s Pros vs. Joes
No Substantial Similarity Between Reality Shows
Pino v. Viacom

Cal. App.: The “Real” Wedding Crasher Loses Idea Theft Suit
No Substantial Similarity Between Movie and Party Crasher Handbook
Reginald v. New Line Cinema Corp.


N. Ireland: Unsavoury Northern Irish Libel Award Reversed on Appeal
Erroneous Fair Comment Instruction Given in Restaurant Review Case
Convery v. Irish News Limited

United Kingdom: The Other Side of the Pond: UK and European Law Update


8th Cir.: Eighth Circuit Upholds Preliminary Injunction
Against Law Restricting Access to Video Games
Entertainment Software Association v. Swanson


7th Cir.: Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Housing Discrimination Claims Against Craigslist
Section 230 Protects Online Classified Advertising Network
Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law v. Craigslist, Inc.

9th Cir.: Internet Law Update: Are the Walls Tumbling Down?
How May Be Eroding Section 230 Immunity
Fair Housing Council of San Fernando Valley v., LLC


Ethics Corner: Ethical Issues In Representing Kentucky News Media Outlets