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Emotional Distress

Mar 2024

Jury Awards $25M in Damages, Including $20M in Punitive Damages, for The Oklahoman’s Misattribution of Racial Slur

Michael Norwick

Actual malice finding and massive punitive award comes notwithstanding the Gannett-owned newspaper’s correction of the error within two and a half hours.

Nov 2023

Defamation Action Against The National Enquirer Dismissed on Summary Judgment

Robert S. Gutierrez

After more than three years of litigation with three successive law firms, talent manager Michael Sanchez’s defamation action against the National Enquirer was dismissed on summary judgment in August by Judge Dolly Gee. Yet it was not until October that the storied lawsuit was officially over.

Jul 2021

Forum Selection Clause Blows Case West of the Windy City

George Desh

While 2Pac may have had California love and Tony Bennet left his heart in San Francisco, Windy City Rehab television personality Donovan Eckhardt hoped to keep his recently-filed suit in Illinois.

Jul 2021

Court Dismisses Roy Moore’s Claims Against Sacha Baron Cohen Satire

Carl Mazurek

Judge Cronan of the Southern District of New York granted summary judgment of defendants Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime, and ViacomCBS, dismissing with prejudice the defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and fraud claims brought against them by Roy and Kayla Moore. Moore v. Cohen.