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Terms and Conditions for Advertising in the MediaLawDaily and In Case You Missed It

  • The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) set forth the agreement between you (“Member”) and Media Law Resource Center, Inc. (“MLRC”) with respect to advertising in the MLRC MediaLawDaily and In Case You Missed It publications. By submitting material to the MLRC for publication (each, an “Advertisement”), you agree to these Terms.
  • Except by prior permission of the MLRC, only member organizations of the MLRC in good standing are eligible to purchase advertising under these Terms.

Advertising Space and Pricing

  • The MLRC offers two spaces for Advertisements in its MLRC MediaLawDaily and In Case You Missed It publications (“MLRC Newsletters”), the “Featured Space” and the “Anchor Space,” in the following respective locations, or in the event of any reformatting of an MLRC Newsletter, in locations of similar prominence:
    • The Featured Space currently is located (1) between the MLRC announcements and the “Top Five” section in the MLRC MediaLawDaily and (2) between the date line and the first story in In Case You Missed It.
    • The Anchor Space currently is located (1) between the “Miscellaneous” section and the “Recently Published” section in the MLRC MediaLawDaily and (2) between the last story and the MLRC announcements in In Case You Missed It.
  • Advertising space is sold in packages of six placements per week for each space, running Monday-Saturday, in five consecutive issues of the weekday MLRC MediaLawDaily article and the following issue of the In Case You Missed It Saturday article (a “Package”).
  • The price for a Featured Space Package is $1,500.00. The price for an Anchor Space Package is $1,200. Pricing of advertising space not yet purchased is subject to change at any time without notice. All prices stated in these Terms are in United States dollars.

Partial Weeks, Cancellations and Errors

  • If a Member submits a request to purchase a Package for a week during which the MLRC will not be publishing the full six issues of the MLRC Newsletters(e.g., the week that the MLRC produces its Media Law Conference in Virginia), MLRC will inform the Member of the number of issues to be published that week, and the Package price will be discounted by the pro rata value ($250 per Featured Space /$200 per Anchor Space) of the advertising space not delivered that week.
  • Member may make changes to its Advertisement or cancel its advertising request and obtain a full refund at any time prior to the Friday of the week before its Package is scheduled to begin. No changes or refunds are available after that date.
  • Member’s sole remedy and entitlement for any failure to publish an Advertisement or any error or omission regarding publication of an Advertisement is a refund of the pro rata value of the affected purchased advertising space. MLRC may at its discretion offer to run an affected Advertisement at a later date; if Member accepts that offer, it shall be in lieu of a refund for the affected purchased advertising space.

How to Purchase Advertising

  • To request advertising, Member should contact the MLRC’s Production Manager at and include the following:
    • the week(s) for which advertising is desired;
    • whether Member wants the Featured Space Package, the Anchor Space Package, or both; and
    • an Advertisement that complies with the criteria set forth in this agreement.
  • Requests to purchase advertising for MLRC Newsletters published in a given week must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday of the prior week.
  • Once an Advertisement is accepted for publication, payment is due no later than 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the Friday before the Package is scheduled to begin. Please do not remit payment before your Advertisement is accepted.
  • Payment may be made by one of the following methods:
    • Send a check
      • Please make checks payable to Media Law Resource Center
      • Please send checks to Media Law Resource Center c/o Elizabeth Zimmermann, 101 Edmund Street, Lynbrook, NY 11563
    • Pay by credit card
      • Please note, this option has a 4% processing fee
    • Pay via ACH or Wire Transfer
      • Please make sure your firm’s name and/or Invoice number appears on the bank transaction so that it may be applied properly. 
  • If Member does not make timely payment for a Package, MLRC may at its discretion cancel the Package or any portion thereof, and/or require Member to pay a late fee of $100 to run the Advertisement during any remainder of the Package. Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms, Member shall not be entitled to either a refund or a discount for failure to publish as a result of late payment.
  • Weeks and Packages are made available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the MLRC makes no representation that any desired week or Package will be available.

Advertisement Content and Format

  • Each Advertisement must be submitted in the following format:
    • File format: PDF or JPG
    • Size: 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels high
    • Resolution: 72 dots per inch
  • Advertisements must:
    • identify the Member submitting the Advertisement;
    • be visually and substantively distinct from the MLRC’s editorial content; and
    • be relevant to the practice, or to practitioners, of media law (but need not consist of commercial advertising for Member’s professional services).
  • MLRC reserves the right to label and/or to alter the format of an Advertisement to identify it as advertising or paid content distinct from the MLRC’s editorial content.
  • Member may include a URL in an Advertisement and/or provide a URL to be embedded as a hyperlink in an Advertisement.
  • Member may provide multiple Advertisements and request that MLRC cycle those Advertisements during the week of its Package. MLRC reserves the right to reject such requests.
  • MLRC reserves the right to accept or to reject any Advertisement at its sole discretion for any reason, including but not limited to Advertisement failing to comply with the above requirements, political Advertisements, Advertisements inconsistent with the tone of the MLRC Newsletters, and Advertisements for events that conflict with MLRC-sponsored events. Any decision made as to any Advertisement is non-precedential.
  • Member agrees that it is solely responsible for, and warrants and represents to: (1) the accuracy of statements and legality of content contained in its Advertisement, including compliance with laws and rules governing attorney advertising; (2) the accuracy, legality and safety of any URL provided for inclusion in its Advertisement and of any content accessible via that URL; and (3) the absence from its Advertisement of any technology intended to track, monitor or view readers’ activity, including but not limited to tracking pixels.


  • Questions regarding the availability of weeks/Packages and the content/format of Advertisements should be addressed to the MLRC’s Production Manager at Please note that while MLRC will advise on compliance with content and format requirements, it is not able to create Advertisements for Members or to suggest content for Advertisements.
  • Questions regarding payments should be addressed to the MLRC’s financial team at