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Media law round-up from MLRC Deputy Director Jeff Hermes.


The Monthly Daily September-October 2018
IN THIS MARVELOUS ISSUE: Farewell to the Hacky Sack king | Senses working overtime | A secret portal to the moon | Benny Hill not included | Officer, this isn't what it looks like

The Monthly Daily Summer 2018
IN THIS ELEMENTAL ISSUE: Just bucketloads of Supreme Court news | Crop circles, Bigfoot, and the Devil himself | Jeff contemplates a tattoo | There's no antitrust law in the marketplace of ideas | Count the eyes

The Monthly Daily May 2018
IN THIS SWASHBUCKLING ISSUE: Libel in a tinfoil hat | How is an anti-SLAPP motion like a German pilot? | Rahm and Bill’s E-mail Adventure | It’s blockbuster season | Jeff catches some Z’s

The Monthly Daily March-April 2018
Ordinarily this article is written in fun
With plenty of time to get the work done
But this month at my desk I was feeling oppressed
Eighty pages of news clips I had to digest
I thought to myself, “How could it be worse?”
And then it occurred to me – I’d write it in verse!

The Monthly Daily February 2018
IN THIS SQUIRRELLY ISSUE: The Supreme Court hosts First Amendment Week | He didn't really want the gun anyway | Louie Louie, oh no | Embedded journalists, or embedding journalism? | When Nic Cage joined Starfleet | Possession is not five points of the law

The Monthly Daily December 2017-January 2018
IN THIS FIERY AND FURIOUS ISSUE: No 3D printed gun for you | When it comes to rap music, everything is an emergency to the LAPD | The definition of torture porn | Hate the player, not the in-game avatar | What do Denver and Newark have in common, besides nothing?


The 2017 Yearly Monthly Daily Awards
The 2017 Yearly Monthly Daily Awards celebrate some of the most notable media law developments of 2017 - sublime, ridiculous, and everything in between.

The Monthly Daily November 2017
IN THIS EZ-BAKE ISSUE: Jeff slices into Masterpiece Cakeshop | Moore and Mooch vie for embarrassing defamation threat of the month | Amazon gronks out | No, really, play whack-a-mole | Actual knowledge of what, precisely? | "Just one more thing..."

The Monthly Daily October 2017
IN THIS TRAVEL-SIZED ISSUE: J.S. Mill doesn't care if he loses this round | Does Trump understand what his campaign said about privacy suits? | ICE would like you to forget everything you saw, please | Sheriff Terry Buchanan: Overcharging for public records is bush league | Беда́ никогда́ не прихо́дит одна́ | Greg Gianforte is still a jerk

The Monthly Daily September 2017
IN THIS MONTH'S TRUMP-LIGHT (BUT ALAS NOT FREE) ISSUE: The Presidency, Soft Power and the First Amendment | Talk radio host to ABC: "Hold my beer." | One-hit wonders and the right of publicity | Thanks a bunch, Equifax | Pepe isn't that chilled out.

The Monthly Daily July-August 2017
IN THIS MONTH'S MARATHON ISSUE: Why is the White House like a clothing line? | Judge Rakoff disbelieves six implausible things before breakfast | "Don't you worry about Trump, let me worry about blank." | What's the next number in this series: 9, 11, 1, 7, 5... | Bingo!

The Monthly Daily June 2017
IN THIS SUMMERY (see what we did there?) ISSUE: Jeff’s beach reading list, because why not | It’s the end of the term as we know it, and I feel fine | Who will represent Mr. Nutterbutter? | Trump’s block and tackle on Twitter (oh my!) | Saying “Okay, I love you” can turn you into a devil-worshipping white supremacist | Yellow dots of doom | And much, much more!

The Monthly Daily April-May 2017
IN THIS DOUBLE-BARRELED ISSUE: Katie Couric dodges a bullet | The FCC declares a cease-fire with Stephen Colbert over Trump's holster | Pandora tries to shoot holes in PayPal's P's | A Texas boot company had better be glad the Duke isn't still around | And much, much more!

The Monthly Daily March 2017

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