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Apr 2011

MLRC Institute: Publications and Resources

White Paper on the Reporter’s Privilege

In 2004, the MLRC Institute published the Media Law Resource Center White Paper on the Reporter’s Privilege, a series of articles that assess the history of the reporter’s privilege and the arguments and empirical rationales that support it.  The reporter’s privilege – which enables reporters to decline to divulge confidential sources and other unpublished information in judicial and other governmental proceedings – is one of the great tools of journalists in the United States and around the world.  Recognized by the courts and legislatures here and abroad, it has benefited the public interest by affording journalists broad access to ideas and facts that might otherwise remain hidden and secret from the press and public.

The White Paper on the Reporter’s Privilege was made possible with a grant from the McCormick Foundation.

MLRC Institute’s Online Libel Module and Quiz

Reporting and commenting on news, events, issues and ideas is the role of the press in America.   Now with the advent of the Internet, it is becoming the province of ordinary people as well, with blogs and websites able to reach vast audiences. 
The MLRC Institute has created an online module designed to help reporters, bloggers and interested citizens understand the basics of defamation law to reduce the risks of being sued for what you say and publish.

It begins with an overview of the law, followed by a real life reporting scenario and a series of questions. Take the Quiz to see how much you learned.