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Apr 2011

MLRC 50-State Surveys

Published annually, MLRC’s 50-State Surveys provide comprehensive coverage of media libel, media privacy, and employment libel and privacy law in the U.S., Canada (media libel and privacy volumes) and England (media libel). Our Surveys are prepared by practicing attorneys who are experts in the field, and the books are fixtures in the offices and libraries of media defense attorneys, media organizations, employment attorneys, law schools and courts around the country.


Media Privacy & Related Law

Media Libel Law

Employment Libel and Privacy Law

libel_18-19Media Libel Law is a comprehensive survey of defamation law, with an emphasis on cases and issues arising in a media context. Topics covered in this volume include: Defamatory Meaning, Opinion, Truth/Falsity, Fault, Republication, Privileges, Damages, Motions to Dismiss, Discovery Issues, Trial Issues, Appellate Review, Remedies for Abusive Suits, Retraction, Constitutional/Statutory Provisions, and Summary Judgment.



employment_18Employment Libel and Privacy Law examines defamation and privacy claims in an employment context, an increasing concern to labor and employment practitioners. Topics covered in this publication include: Publication, Compelled Self-Publication, Fault Standards, Damages, Recurring Fact Patterns, Privileges and Defenses, Procedural Issues, Employer Testing of Employees, Searches, Monitoring of Employees, Activities Outside the Workplace, Records, Negligent Hiring, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Interference with Economic Advantage, and Prima Facie Tort.


privacy_18-19Media Privacy and Related Law examines privacy and related claims that often arise in a media context, and how courts handle these issues. Topics covered in this volume include: False Light, Private Facts, Intrusion, Eavesdropping, Hidden Cameras, Misappropriation, Right of Publicity, Infliction of Emotional Distress, Prima Facie Tort, Injurious Falsehood, Unfair Competition, Conspiracy, Tortious Interference with Contract, Negligent Media Publication, and Relevant Statutes.