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Academic Memberships are intended for those who, on a full-time basis, study and work on media law issues at universities, colleges, law schools, or other academic institutions. Academic Members may include general counsel, faculty members, research fellows, and attorneys working in academic clinics or research projects.

Unlike other MLRC memership categories, Academic Memberships are intended for individuals. They do not extend to the academic institution as a whole, nor do they permit sharing of member-only resources with non-members. Upon request and at MLRC's discretion, an Academic Membership may be extended to include a small defined group (e.g., the staff of a law school clinic or legal research project).


MLRC is a media law defense-oriented organization dedicated to maximizing free expression in the U.S. and abroad. It is therefore a condition of Academic Membership that the member commit to the same defense orientation required of Defense Counsel Section members: i.e. not to represent plaintiffs in defamation, privacy, and related tort cases against media defendants. MLRC may suspend without benefits, or in extreme conditions terminate, the membership of any academic member in breach of these conditions.

This commitment is not binding upon other non-member employees of an Academic Member's institution, but Academic Members are obliged not to share member-only MLRC resources with non-members without specific permission of MLRC.

Questions regarding these conditions, including their application to specific situations, may be directed to MLRC Executive Director This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Annual membership: $500

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