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Counsel, Authors Guild

The Counsel (or Senior Counsel) will support all aspects of the Authors Guild’s legal work under the direction of the CEO, including its legal services and advocacy. The Counsel will work with the Director of Legal Services on contract reviews and legal advice for members, with the Director of Policy and Advocacy on advocacy and lobbying initiatives, and with the General Counsel on contract matters, scams, and litigations.

Advocacy & Policy

As part of the advocacy team, the Counsel will support the Director of Policy & Advocacy and the CEO by: 

  • Drafting letters, comments, reports, and testimony to submit to Congress and to federal and state government agencies.
  • Researching and drafting legal memos on issues relating to the Guild’s advocacy in the areas of copyright, general IP, labor and other areas of law and policy pertinent to the writing profession.
  • Reviewing and drafting portions of amicus briefs.
  • Researching reports of bad actors in the publishing industry.
  • Writing blog posts, articles, and statements.
  • Drafting educational legal materials for the Guild’s website.
  • Speaking at public events on advocacy issues.
  • Otherwise assist in the implementation of the Guild’s policy and advocacy initiatives.

Legal Services

As part of the legal services team, the Counsel will be responsible for: 

  • Providing written publishing contract reviews, translation contract reviews,agency contract reviews, freelance contract reviews, and film option reviews.
  • Responding to contract, copyright, trademark,and First Amendment queries.
  • Interceding in author/publisher and author/agent disputes.
  • Researching and drafting legal memos on issues relating to members’ questions and concerns.
  • Evaluating O-1 visa applications and provide written support letters as warranted.
  • Speaking at events on contract issues.

What We’re Looking For

  • Ability to spot issues, problem solve, and write clearly for a variety of general and specialized audiences.
  • Strong written and oral advocacy skills are essential.
  • Knowledge of and experience working in copyright law.
  • Experience with drafting contracts or with contracts law is preferred.
  • Ability to work simultaneously on many projects and to manage one’s time.
  • An interest in literature and/or protecting the rights of authors and other creators to ensure the future of the creative arts is preferred

Please send cover letter and résumé to This is a hybrid position but will require some in person meetings in our NYC office.