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June 2021

Bulletin 2021: Legal Frontiers in Digital Media

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Going Big, One Problem at a Time: Europe’s Regulation of Digital Services and Markets Gathers Pace

Remy Chavannes, Anke Strijbos and Dorien Verhulst

The EU is determined to evolve into a self-aware, digitally sovereign bloc that sets the rules by which global technology companies have to operate. However, it is still struggling to make sharp choices between conflicting objectives, such as between privacy and competition, or between consumer protection and the promotion of innovation.

Social Media Blocking by Government Officials: Where Does the Law Stand?

Lyndsey Wajert

A look at how caselaw has developed since the Knight Institute filed the 2017 complaint against president Trump, and what factors courts consider in challenges to social media blocking by public officials.

The Oversight Board at 6 Months: Will Facebook Rue the Day?

Ross Ufberg

The Oversight Board is like Damocles, working just beneath the double-edged sword of free expression on one side, and other human rights prerogatives on the other. It’s not an easy or enviable task.


Managing Compliance with the Growing Patchwork of State Privacy Laws

Phil Yannella, Kim Phan and Greg Szewczyk

The purpose of this article is to compare and contrast the major U.S. privacy laws, identifying areas of overlap as well as areas where compliance will require state-specific analysis, disclosures and policies


Die Hard: Will Constitutional Roadblocks and a Lack of Consensus Stall Section 230 Reform?

Ambika Kumar, Robert Miller, and Sarah Burns

This article reviews the background and evolution of Section 230, explains proposals to reform or eliminate it, and evaluates some First Amendment implications of those proposals.