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October 2019

MediaLawLetter September 2019


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London Conference: An Extravaganza
Global Gathering Features Justice Breyer and Mock-Trial of Julian Assange
George Freeman

Letter to a Newer Media Lawyer
Tom Kelley

10 Questions to a Media Lawyer
Tom Burke


Ohio App.: Doctor Who Claims Character in Judge’s Novel Defamed Him Loses on Appeal
Jack Greiner

Fifth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Wide-Ranging Defamation and Conspiracy Claims
Tom Leatherbury and Marc Fuller

D.D.C.: Court Rejects RICO Claim Over “Hate Group” Label
Max Mishkin

Kan. Dist.: Kansas Senate Majority Leader Loses Another Round in Defamation Claim Over Medicaid-Expansion Column
J. Eric Weslander

Cal. App.: California Court of Appeal Sides with Local Newspaper and Reverses Trial Court
Public Figure Plaintiff Failed to Produce Evidence of Actual Malice
Elizabeth Baldridge and Jean-Paul Jassy


Third Circuit Once Again Sends Broadcast Ownership Rules Back to the FCC
Emmy Parsons


Ninth Circuit Scrapes Bottom in CFAA Analysis
Jeff Hermes


E.D. Pa.: Pennsylvania Federal Court Dismisses Author’s First Amendment Claim Against Media Outlets and Libraries
Leslie Minora


Ninth Circuit: First Amendment Protects Access to All Sounds of an Execution
But Not the Identities of the Drug Suppliers or Qualifications of Execution Team Members
Collin P. Wedel

New Mexico Court Rules Settlement Agreements Held by Private Prison Medical Providers Are Public Records
Gregory P. Williams

Illinois Appellate Court Orders Chicago PD to Disclose Records Related to Fatal Shooting of a Minor
Michael W. Shapiro