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November 2019

MediaLawLetter October 2019


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From the Executive Director’s Desk: The Judiciary and the Media Bar
Once Antagonists, Now Allies
George Freeman

10 Questions to a Media Lawyer
Jeff Portnoy


Is Assange Entitled to Full First Amendment Protection?
James Goodale


Illinois Supreme Court Upholds “Revenge Porn” Law Against First Amendment Challenge
Court Applies Intermediate Scrutiny
Erik Bierbauer and Michael Cort

Iowa Dist.: Jury Rejects Tortious Interference Claim Against Quad City Times

Wis. Cir.: Jury Awards $450,000 to Sandy Hook Father in Defamation Case Against Conspiracy Theorist
Daniela Abratt

S.D.N.Y.: Court ‘SLAPPs’ Sheldon Adelson for Suing Political Group
Jessica Meek and Margaret Christensen

Minn.: High School Varsity Coach Not a Public Official in Minnesota
Christopher Proczko

Me. Super.: Court Rules that Undercover Game Warden is a “Public Figure”
Must Allege Specific Facts to Plead “Actual Malice”
Benjamin Piper, Sigmund Schutz and Jonathan Piper

M.D. Ga.: Georgia Women Arrested for Criminal Defamation Wins Settlement Award
Cynthia Counts and Brian Biglin


N.C. App.: GateHouse Media and Fayetteville Observer Win 2-Year Battle to Unseal Files in Abuse Case
Jon Buchan

Second Circuit Cuts Back on “Express Adoption” Doctrine in FOIA Case Over Torture Memos
Alexandra Perloff-Giles

D.C. Circuit Hands Blow to President Trump
Requires Accounting Firm to Comply with House Subpoena
Karolyn Perry


N.D. Cal.: Court Refuses to Recognize French Copyright Judgment
Neil A.F. Popović

S.D.N.Y.: Court Dismisses Author’s Claim That TV Series Billions Copied Her Work
No Substantial Similarity Under Any Applicable Test
Jamie Raghu


New Digital Advertising Regulations Require Operational Changes
Gamelah Palagonia