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November 2012

MediaLawLetter October 2012


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N.M. Dist.: New Mexico Newspaper Wins False Light Case
Newspaper Wins JNOV after Mistrial
Mendoza v. Zollinger and Gallup Independent Company

Illinois Appellate Court Reaffirms Narrow Scope of Anti-SLAPP Statute
Public Official’s Lawsuit is “Retaliatory” But Not Covered by Statute
Ryan v. Fox Television Stations, Inc., et al.

S.D.N.Y.: Federal Court Dismisses Defamation Action Filed By Insurance Executive Against Slate, Eliot Spitzer
As a Matter of “Grammar and Logic” Statements Not About Plaintiff
Gilman v. Spitzer et al.

E.D. La.: Federal Court Retracts Narrow Interpretation of State Anti-SLAPP Statute
Defendant Still Loses Special Motion to Strike
Louisiana Crisis Assistance Center v. Marzano-Lesnevich

N.Y. Sup.: A Loss for the “Randy Rabbi”
Court Finds Article is Substantially True and Newspaper Defendant was Not Grossly Irresponsible
Rabinowich v. NYP Holdings, Inc.

Ill.: Supreme Court Confirms Intrusion Upon Seclusion Tort Is Valid In Illinois
Confirms that Intrusion Is Actionable
Lawlor v. North Am. Corp. of Ill.

E.D. Pa.: Libel and False Light Claims against “Grumpy Accountants” Blog Can Proceed
Blog Posts by Professors “Likely to Be Taken Seriously”
Zagg, Inc. v. Catanach

C.D. Cal.: Albert Einstein’s Postmortem Publicity Rights Have Expired Under New Jersey Common Law
Dismisses Lawsuit Against General Motors
Hebrew University of Jerusalem v. General Motors LLC

M.D. Tenn.: Civil Rights Lawsuit against Producers of the Bachelor and Bachelorette Shows Dismissed
First Amendment Defense Wins at Pleading Stage
Claybrooks v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Drones: The Final Frontier in Privacy Rights?


Bob Latham Is the Winner With Winners And Losers


Irish High Court Quashes Deposition Subpoena for U.S. Litigation
Journalist & Expert Privilege: Requirement for Deposition Not Convincingly Established
Cornec v. Morrice

French Court Prohibits Further Publication of Topless Kate Photos by Closer Magazine 


Ninth Circuit Issues Divergent Commercial Speech Decisions
Yellow Pages is Protected; Billboard Ad for TV Program Is Not
Dex Media West, Inc. v. City of Seattle; Charles v. City of Los Angeles


Fla. Cir.: Media Coalition Successfully Fights Gag Order, Request to Seal Records, in George Zimmerman Murder Trial
Florida v. Zimmerman

W.D. Pa.: Court Rejects Challenge to Restriction on Photographing Inside Polling Locations
Newspaper Wanted to Document New Voter ID Procedure
PG Publishing Company d/b/a The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette v. Aichele