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June 2019

MediaLawLetter May 2019


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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Will Trump Soon Be Prosecuting the Mainstream Media?
Despite the Assange Indictment, the Sky is Not Falling

Concern About Internet Regulation Brings Huge Crowd to Legal Frontiers in Digital Media Conference

Letter to a (Newer) Media Lawyer: Be Patient – And Nine Other Tips from Victor Kovner

10 Questions to a Media Lawyer: Kelli Slade


Tenn.: Lessons Learned in Getting a Robust SLAPP Statute Passed Unanimously in Tennessee

Tex.: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons: Changes to Anti-SLAPP Statute Benefit the Media

Hot Topics Roundtable: The Fair Report Privilege and the Trump Dossier

Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Lawyer’s Libel Suit vs. New York Post
Fair Report Privilege Applies to Press Coverage of Public Custody Trial
Zappin v. NYP Holdings

Courts Consider Scope and Application of Fair Report Privilege

Fla. Cir.: Florida Prosecutor’s Libel Complaint Barred by Fair Report Privilege and Lack of Actual Malice
Russell v. Waterman

N.Y. Sup.: Trial Court Grants Staten Island Advance’s Motion to Dismiss Libel by Implication Complaint
DiMauro v. Advance Publications, Inc., et al.

N.Y. Sup.: Court Dismisses Libel By Implication Claim Over Wall Street Journal Article
Court Rejects Market Survey Purporting to Show Meaning
Aboutaam v. Dow Jones & Co.

10th Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment for Sports Illustrated and Reporters in False Light Suit
Talley v. Time, Inc. d/b/a Sports Illustrated Magazine

Texas Supreme Court Dismisses Pharmacy’s Libel Claims Against  The Dallas Morning News
The Dallas Morning News, Inc. v. Hall

7th Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Defamation, False Light & Lanham Claims on Opinion Grounds
War of Experts Best Resolved By Rebuttal, Not Defamation Suit
Board of Forensic Document Examiners v. American Bar Association

S.D.N.Y.: You Lose, Fake News: Court Grants BuzzFeed Summary Judgment Dismissing Libel Suit from “King of Bullsh*t News”
Leidig v. BuzzFeed, Inc


S.D.N.Y.: Goldman v. Breitbart (‘Embed’) Case – Continued and (Not Quite) Ended

California Supreme Court Limits  Anti-SLAPP Protection
Adds “Contribution To The Public Conversation” Requirement Not Found In The Statute, Inc. v. DoubleVerify, Inc.


S.D.N.Y.: Court Allows Glomar Response to FOIA Requests Regarding the President’s Allegations of Campaign Surveillance
Gizmodo Media Group, LLC v. Department of Justice

Texas Lets The Sunshine In