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June 2015

MediaLawLetter May 2015


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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Paris in the Spring

MLRC Issues Model Policy on Police Body-Cam Footage
Memo Explaining the MLRC’s Model Policy on Police Body-Worn Camera Footage


9th Cir.: Whither Copyright Injunctions in the Post-Garcia World?
Garcia v. Google


Federal Anti-SLAPP Bill Introduced in House of Representatives
Recent D.C. Circuit Ruling Highlights Need for Federal Legislation
SPEAK FREE Act of 2015


Wash.: State Supreme Court Strikes Down State Anti-SLAPP Statute
Violates Right to Jury Trial
Davis v. Cox

Texas Supreme Court Hands Down its First Rulings on the State’s Anti-SLAPP Statute
Lippincott v. Whisenhunt; In re Steven Lipsky

E.D. La.: New York Times Wins Libel Suit Brought by Libertarian Professor
Professor Was Quoted Stating “Slavery Was Not So Bad”?
Block v. New York Times

N.C. App.: Court Finds Triable Issues of Actual Malice in Public Official Libel Case
Desmond v. McClatchy Newspapers


MLRC Holds Annual Digital Media Conference in Silicon Valley

3d Cir.: Court Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Action Against Search Engines Based Upon CDA Immunity
Obado v. Magdeson

Next Gen Report: Three Federal Courts Issue Opinions in May Construing the CDA
One Contradicts Well-Established Precedent


Ohio College Police Officers Subject to Ohio Open Records Act
Decision Creates More Police Transparency
In State ex rel. Schiffbauer v. Banaszak


ECHR: Grand Chamber Rules That France Violated Article 10 Rights of Lawyer
“A great victory for the whole legal profession”
Morice v. France


Right to Record Police a “Clearly Established Right”
Journalist’s First Amendment Claim Survives Motion to Dismiss
Higginbotham v. City of New York