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April 2019

MediaLawLetter March 2019


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Guest Column: MLRC in Miami and Istanbul – Yes, Istanbul!

Letter to a Newer Media Lawyer: Jonathan Anschell

Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer: Robert Nelon


Hot Topics Roundtable: Sandmann v. The Washington Post

Tenn.: Malice Does Not Defeat Fair Report Privilege
Shield Law Exception Limited in Scope
Funk v. Scripps Media

Ill. App.: No Jackpot For Illinois Governor Candidate’s Claim Over Ballot Lottery Story
Hardiman v. Asman

Tex.: Plain-Meaning Interpretation of TCPA Limits Statute’s Right of Association

7th Cir.: Zillow “Zestimates” Are Non-Actionable Statements of Opinion
Patel v. Zillow


U.S.: Court Requires Complete Registration Before Infringement Action Can Be Commenced
Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation v. Wallstreet.Com

Supreme Court Preview: FUCT
In re Brunetti


SCOTUS to Hear Argument on FOIA’s Confidential Information Exemption
South Dakota Newspaper Is Seeking Food Retailers’ SNAP Data
Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media

D.D.C.: Court Rejects FBI’s Glomar Response to Request for Records on Documentary Filmmaker Impersonation
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press v. FBI

S.C. Cir.: South Carolina Judge Limits FOIA to In-State Petitioners
State Media Co. v. South Carolina House Republican Caucus

Second Circuit Takes Step to Unseal High-Profile Sex-Trafficking Case Docs
Giuffre v. Maxwell


Book Review: Truth in Our Times by David McCraw