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August 2019

MediaLawLetter July 2019


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From the Executive Director’s Desk: London Conference Preview: Breyer, Assange and a Bloody Brilliant City
George Freeman

Letter to a Newer Media Lawyer: If a Farm Girl in the Midwest Can Have a Media Practice, So Can You!
Robin Luce Herrmann

10 Questions to a Media Lawyer
Dori Hanswirth


Cal. Super.: The San Francisco Police Department vs. Bryan Carmody
Thomas R. Burke and Dan Laidman

Vermont Supreme Court Unseals Decision Quashing Subpoena Under State’s New Reporter’s Shield Law
Chad R. Bowman


Second Circuit Vacates Blanket Sealing Order in Giuffre v. Maxwell Case
Sanford L. Bohrer and Christine N. Walz


Sixth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Cancer Researcher’s Libel Suit Against The New York Times
Al-Amyn Sumar

Eleventh Circuit Reinstates Haitian Businessman’s Defamation Claims
Sarah Brewerton-Palmer

Kan. Dist.: You Can’t Cry “Fake News!” in a Crowded Theater…and Get Away With It
Reid K. Day


Let’s Get Metaphysical: Second Circuit Defines Public Fora in Digital Space
Jeff Hermes


E.D. Mo.: TV Journalists Who Were Tear-Gassed in Ferguson May Proceed to Trial
Danielle N. Twait


Australia: Media Companies Responsible for Third-Party Postings
Peter Bartlett and Dean Levitan


Supreme Court: “There are a great many immoral and scandalous ideas in the world…and the Lanham Act covers them all.”
Dori Hanswirth, Roberta L. Horton, Theresa M. House, Jesse Feitel and Michael E. Kientzle

S.D.N.Y.: ‘Nothing Compares 2’ a Warhol: Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts v. Goldsmith
Wesley Lewis

Roundtable: Music Copyright and the Stairway to Heaven Case
David Aronoff, Scott Sholder and Kenneth Freundlich