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February 2017

MediaLawLetter January 2017


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Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer
A New MediaLawLetter Feature


D.C. App.: District of Columbia Court Issues Key Ruling on D.C. Anti-SLAPP Statute Climate
Scientist’s Libel Suit Survives Motion to Dismiss
Competitive Enterprise Institute et al. v. Mann, and National Review, Inc. v. Mann

N.D. Ill.: No Defamation/False Light Claim Based on Hollywood Reporter’s Sony Hack Article
No Criminal Imputation Given Article’s Context
Basile v. Prometheus Global Media

Tex. Dist.: “Clock Boy’s” Claims Stop Ticking with Anti-SLAPP Dismissal
Mohamed v. Fox News

Colo. Dist.: News Magazine Wins Summary Judgment
Allegations Reported as Such Are True Without Regard to the Substance of Those Allegations
Hampers v. Denver Westword

N.Y. Sup.: Twitter Defamation Suit vs. Donald Trump Dismissed
Statements About Political Consultant Were Opinion / Hyperbole
Jacobus v. Trump


Congress: New Law Restricts Contractual Attempts to Silence Unflattering Consumer Reviews
The Consumer Review Fairness Act

Next Gen Comm.: How Should Social Media Platforms Deal with Fake News?


S.D.N.Y.: Processing-Before-Access Policy for Civil Complaints Declared Unconstitutional
Third in a Line of Similar Victories for Courthouse News Service
Courthouse News Serv. v. Tingling

D.C. Cir.: Court Rules Citizens Can Sue to Force Probe of Federal Records
Violations Case Stems from Clinton Email Scandal
Judicial Watch v. Kerry

D.D.C.: Court Finds For-Profit Consumer Safety Blog Qualifies As “News Media” Under FOIA
Liberman v. U.S. Dep’t Transp.

Ga. Supreme Court Grants Review of Denial of Public Access to Hospital Records
Smith v. Northside Hospital, Inc.


Second Circuit Affirms Louis Vuitton Can’t Take a Joke
Use of Louis Vuitton’s Marks Was Parodic

Louis Vuitton Malletier, S.A. v. My Other Bag, Inc.