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February 2016

MediaLawLetter January 2016


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From the Executive Director’s Desk
First Amendment Issues May Be Thornier Than They Seem

The Monthly Daily
A Roundup of Media Law Developments from the MediaLawDaily


Texas Court of Appeal Reinstates Libel by Implication Suit vs. Dallas Morning News
Column Could Imply Plaintiffs Were Deceitful in Writing Son’s Obituary
Tatum v. Dallas Morning News

S.C. App.: Court Allows Expert Testimony on Standards of Journalism in Actual Malice Case
Court Affirms $650,000 Libel Verdict Against Sun News
Kelley v. Wren

11th Cir.: Court Affirms Dismissal of Rosa Parks Institute Right of Publicity Claim
Books, Movie and Plaque Were Privileged
Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development v. Target Corp.

N.Y. Sup.: Court Dismisses Speech-Based Claims Against Australian Media Defendants for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction
Articles Targeted to Australia, Not New York
Den Hollander v. Shepherd

N.Y. Sup.: Defamation Suit vs. Israeli Investigative Journalist Dismissed for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction
Broadcast Not Targeted to New York
Mosdot Shuva Israel v. Dayan-Orbach

N.J. Super.: Defamation Claim Requires Mulling Islamic Law and Must be Dismissed
Religious Entanglement; Opinion Defense Bar Claims
Alhusaini v.  Alhusaini

N.Y. Sup.: Libel Suit Over Republication of Tweet Survives Motion to Dismiss
Court Declines to Apply “Own Words” Defense
Franklin v. Daily Holdings, Inc.


M.D. Fla.: Reporter’s Privilege Protects Newsgathering Information In Promotional Segment From Discovery
Plaintiff’s Mugshot Appeared in Background
Cohen v. McGuire


From the Next Gen Committee
Wait, the FCC Regulates Political Speech?


M.D. Fla.: Court Unseals Competency Evaluation Report of Man Accused of Terrorism
Judge Unsealed Most of the Report on the Spot
United States v. Goldberg