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March 2012

MediaLawLetter Index By Case Name


(Last updated November 2014)

The index breaks down articles by case name (where the case is featured prominently, or is the subject of, the article) and by topic.  The index indicates the month and year in which the article appeared and, in parenthesis, the page on which the article began. 

Newsletter Stories By Case Name (when the case is prominently featured in the article):    


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1-800 Contacts, Inc. v., Inc. (E.D. Va.): 1/04(21); (2nd Cir.): 7/05(53); (US): 12/05(41)

163 Mulberry Street Corp. v. Columbia University (N.Y.A.D.): 2/04(15)

20th Century Fox v. BT (EWHC): 8/11(29)

24th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury: 1/07(31)

3M Co. v. Boulter (D.D.C.): 3/12(8)

44 Liquormart, Inc. v. Rhode Island (U.S.): 5/96(1)


A v. B&C (Soccer player story) (England High Court): 11/01(39), 3/02(42)

AAA All City Heating Air Conditioning v. New World Communications of Ohio (Ohio Com. Pleas): 5/03(13), 6/03(43); (Ohio App.): 11/04(17)

AAP Petroleum, Inc. v. Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc. (Wis. Cir.): 1/06(17)

AAUP v. OFAC (S.D.N.Y.): 10/04(47)

AB v. Ministry of Justice (EWHC): 9/14(56)


In re Grand Jury Subpoena of ABC (Whitewater) (E.D. Ark.): 11/96(13)

In re Subpoena to ABC (N.Y. Sup.): 10/01(25)

In re Subpoena to ABC (N.Y. Sup.): 6/95(9)

ABC, Inc. v. BankAtlantic Financial Corp. (11th Cir.): 10/96(14)

Chafoulias v. ABC, Inc. (Minn. Dist.): 3/01(7); (Minn. App.): 5/02(13); (Minn.): 8/03(17); (Minn. App.): 1/04(13)

Claybrooks v. ABC (M.D. Tenn.): 10/12(21)

Desnick v. ABC (7th Cir.): 1/95(1), 3/99(15), 11/00(1)

Deteresa v. ABC (C.D. Cal.): 11/95(1), 8/97(21), 5/98(13)

Every Drop Equal Nutrition v. ABC, Inc. (N.Y.A.D.): 4/04(15)

ABC v. Gill (Tex. App.): 7/99(25)

McIntosh v. Capital Cities/ABC (N.Y. Sup.): 11/95(9)

Medical Laboratory Consultants v. ABC (D. Ariz.): 5/96(1), 7/97(21), 1/99(13)

Philip Morris v. ABC (Va. Cir.): 11/94(1), 1/95(5), 2/95(1), 3/95(2), 7/95(3), 9/95(1)

Sanders v. ABC, Inc. (Cal. App.): 2/97(1), 6/97(20), 6/98(21), 9/98(27), 7/99(1), 1/00(5), 2/00(36)

Turnbull v. American Broadcasting Co., et al. (C.D. Cal.): 9/04(21), 10/04(15), 11/04(11)

Abbas v. Foreign Policy Magazine (D.D.C.): 10/13(16)

Abbs v. Lily’s Talent Agency (Ill. Cir.): 11/10(19)

Abdel-Hafiz v. ABC, Inc. (Tex. App.): 10/07(24)

Abdelhak c. Jewish Press (N.J. App.): 2/10(28)

ACCC v Allergy Pathway Pty Ltd and Anor (Aust.): 8/12(33)

A.G. v. Elsevier, Inc. (1st Cir.): 10/13(11)

AG v. Mirror Group Newspapers (UK): 5/02(33)

A.M.P. v. Hubbard Broadcastin (D. Minn): 1/02(25)

Abadian v. Lee (D. Md.): 10/00(2)

Abate v. Maine Antique Digest (Mass. Super.): 2/04(30)

Abbott v. Harris Pub. (S.D.N.Y.): 8/00(24)

Abou-Allaban v. Fox Television Stations (Mass. Super): 7/07(29)

Abourezk v. (D.S.D.): 4/04(38)

Abraham v. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. (E.D.N.Y.): 11/09(24)

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank v. Morgan Stanley (S.D.N.Y.): 9/09(29)

Abu Jamal v. St. Martin’s Press (S.D.N.Y.): 5/01(7)

Academia Semillas Del Pueblo v. McIntyre (Cal. Super.): 2/08(17)

Ackerman v. Perry (Cal. App.): 6/03(31)

Ackerman v. Paulauskas, et al. (Mass. Sup.): 7/09(20)

Ackley v. Bartlesville Examiner (N.D. Okla.): 12/07(16)

Adams v. Los Angeles Unified School Dist (Cal. Super.): 3/02(13)

Adams v. New York Times Co. (Tex. Dist.): 4/07(19)

Adams & Occu, Inc. d/b/a/ Occu-Safe v. New York Times et al.: 4/07(19)

Adelphi University v. Committee to Save Adelphi (N.Y. Sup.): 2/97(11)

Adelson and Las Vegas Sands Corporation v. Anderson (EWHC): 11/11(38)

Adelson v. Harris (S.D.N.Y.): 10/13(5)

Adidas America v. Sports Mngmnt. News (Ore.): 3/96(15), 4/96(6), 9/96(5)

Advanced Trainig Systems, Inc v. Caswell Equipment Company, Inc.: 1/14(27)

Adventure Outdoors, Inc. v. Bloomberg (N.D. Ga.): 11/06(30), (11th Cir.): 1/09(11), (Ga. Super.): 10/09(36)

Advocate Health Care Network v. Service Employees International Union (Ill. Cir.): 6/06(36)

Aequitron Medical, Inc. v. CBS, Inc. (S.D.N.Y.): 4/97(5)

Aequitron Medical, Inc. v. Dyro, et al. (E.D.N.Y.): 5/98(12)

Aereo v WNET (2nd Cir.): 04/13(7)

Agora, Inc. v. Axxess, Inc. (D. Md.): 5/00(23)

Agence France Presse v. Morel (S.D.N.Y.): 1/11(9), 1/13(5)

AIPAC:  See United States v. Rosen and Weissman (E.D. Va.)

Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp. v. Hoeper (U.S.): 06/13(28), 2/14(6)

AirTran Airlines v. Plain Dealer (N.D. Ga.): 10/99(23), 4/02(15)

Ajinomoto Sweeteners Europe v. Asda Stores (EWCA): 6/10(26)

Al Amoudi v. Brisard and another (U.K.): 6/06(31)

Al Rawi v. Security Service (AC): 4/14(33)

Alexander v. A&E Television Networks, LLC (E.D. Cal.): 9/11(16)

Alexander v. Cahill (2d Cir.): 3/10(23)

Alexander v. HarperCollins Publishers Inc. (11th Cir.): 6/05(37)

Alf v. The Buffalo News, Inc. (N.Y. App.): 11/12(21)

Alfajr Printing and Pub. Co. v. Zuckerman (N.Y. App. Div.): 9/96(8)

Ali v. Moore, et al. (Washington Cty. Tennessee.): 4/97(8), 7/98(11)

Allegaert v. Perot (2nd Cir.): 6/08(39)

Allen v. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (EWCA): 8/11(29)

Alpha Therapeutic v. NHK (9th Cir.): 1/00(1), 1/01(19)

Alpine Industries Computers, Inc. v. Cowles Publishing (Wash. App.): 12/02(27)

Alvarado v. KOB-TV, LLC (10th Cir.): 7/07(17)

Corbis v., Inc. (W.D. Wa.): 1/05(47) LLC v. Lay (W.D. Wash.): 11/10(42) v. The New York Times (W.D. Wash.): 7/99(31)

Perfect 10, Inc v. (9th Cir.): 5/07(30)

American Library Ass’n v. FCC (D.C. Cir.): 5/05(51)

America Online:

America Online v. LCGM (E.D.Va.): 12/98(26)

America Online Inc. v. Nam Tai Electronics, Inc. (Va): 11/02(47)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

ACLU v. Alvarez (7th Cir.): 10/11(11), 5/12(3); (U.S.): 7/12(5)

ACLU v. Ashcroft (Ashcroft II) (3rd Cir.): 4/03(6), (U.S.): 7/04(41)

ACLU v. County of Hudson (N.J. Super.): 4/02(62), 6/02(60), 7/02(36)

ACLU v. Department of Defense (S.D.N.Y.): 10/05(47)

ACLU v. Department of Justice (D.D.C.): 11/02(41), 12/02(37), 6/04(41)

ACLU v. DOJ (D.C.Cir.) [privacy case]: 5/14(41)

ACLU v. Gonzales (E.D. Pa.): 4/07(49)

ACLU v. Reno (E.D. Pa.) (CDA): 3/96(19), 6/96(1), 7/97(1), 7/97(4)

ACLU v. Reno II (E.D. Pa.) (COPA): 3/99(37), 7/00(17)

ACLU v. US (U.S.): 4/03(66)

ACLU, In re Grand Jury Subpoena Served on: 1/07(33)

ACLU of Illinois v. Alvarez (7th Cir.):12/12(11)

Adelson v. Anderson (U.K.): 10/11(19)

Aficial v. Mantra Films (Va. Cir.): 7/05(25)

AFL-CIO and Democratic National Committee v. FEC (D.D.C.): 7/03(35)

Agora Financial LLC v. Samler (D. Md.): 8/10(18)

AHA (American Humane Association) v. Los Angeles Times: 11/01(34)

Al Amoudi v. Kifle (HH): 8/11(27)

Al Rajihi Banking & Investment Corp. v. Wall Street Journal Europe (U.K.): 10/04(36)

Alabama v. Ivey (Ala.): 7/00(8)

Alabama Gas Corporation v. The Advertiser Company et al. (Ala.Cir.Ct.): 9/14(37)

Alaska v. Carpenter (Alaska): 11/07(8)

Alaska Dispatch v. Fairbanks North Star Boro (Alaska Super.): 11/10(21)

Albritton v. Cisco Systems (E.D. Tex.): 09/9(25)

Albright v. Morton (D. Mass.): 6/04(9)

Alden v. Maine: 7/99(41)

Alexander v. Cahill (N.D.N.Y.): 7/07(43)

Alf v. The Buffalo News (N.Y.): 7/13(16)

Allen v. Bloomsbury Publishing (EWCA): 8/11(29)

Allianz Life Ins. Co. v. Richards et al (10th Cir.):  7/06(6)

Allied Marketing Group v. Paramount Pictures Corp. (Tex.): 5/00(21), 5/03(23)

Almeida v., Inc. (11th Cir.): 9/06(33)

Alston v. PW-Philadelphia Weekly et al. (Pa. Cmmw.): 9/09(28)

Alszeh v. HBO (Cal. App.): 12/98(24)

Altaldis U.S.A. v. Reilly (U.S.): 5/01(13)

Altbach v. Kulon (N.Y. Sup.): 5/02(20), 4/03(10); (N.Y. App.): 11/06(12)

Alton Telegraph v. Illinois (Ill. Cir.): 6/09(17)

Alvis Coatings, Inc. v. John Does One Through Ten (W.D.N.C.): 1/05(49)

AMM v. HXW (EWHC): 11/10(34)

Amberson Holdings LLC v. Westside Story Newspaper (D.N.J.): 9/00(3)

Amelkin v. McClure (6th Cir.): 7/03(39)

American Amusement Machine Ass’n v. Kendrick (7th Cir.): 8/07(28)

American Association of Orthodontists v. Yellow Book USA (8th Cir.): 1/06(39)

American Coalition of Life Activists v. Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette, Inc. (U.S.): 7/03(53)

American Dry Cleaning & Laundry v. State (Indiana): 3/00(42)

American Future Systemes v. BBB of Eastern Pennsylvania (Pa. Com. Pleas): 11/03(23); (Pa.): 7/07(21)

American Historical Ass’n v. Nat’l Archives and Records Admin (D.D.C.): 12/01(47), 3/02(36), 11/02(43)

American Home Products Corp. v. Johnson & Johnson (2nd Cir.): 8/07(23)

American Italian Defense Association (AIDA) v. Time Warner (Sopranos) (Ill. Cir.): 9/01(18); (Ill. App.): 7/02(22)

American Italian Pasta Company v. New World Pasta Company (8th Cir.): 6/04(33)

American Library Assoc. v. Dept. of Justice (CDA case) (E.D. Pa.): 6/96(1), 7/97(1), 7/97(4)

American Library Assoc. v. Pataki (S.D.N.Y.): 7/98(23)

American Library Assoc. v. United States (CIPA case) (E.D. Pa.): 6/02(49)

American Needle, Inc. v. National Football League et al. (U.S.): 9/10(17)

American Society of Media Photographers, et al. v. Google, Inc. (S.D.N.Y.): 6/12(23)

American Transmissions v. Channel 7 (Michigan): 3/00(5)

American Tradition Institute v. University of Virginia (Va.):  5/14(40)

Ameritech v. Voices for Choices, Inc. (N.D. Ill.): 5/03(22)

AMH v. HXW (U.K.): 11/11(39)

Ampex Corp. v. Doe 1, aka “Exampex” (Cal. Super.): 2/02(34)

Amway Corp. v. Procter & Gamble (W.D. Mich.): 2/00(17), 12/01(15)

Amway Corp. v. Proctor & Gamble (U.S.): 10/01(35)

Amway Corp. v. Proctor & Gamble (6th Cir.): 10/03(47)

Anastasoff v. United States of America (8th Cir.): 9/00(47), 10/01(43)

Anaya v. CBS Broadcasting (D.N.M.): 6/09(5)

Anderson v. The Augusta Chronicle (S.C. App.): 4/03(13); (S.C.):  8/05(9)

Anderson v. Blake (W.D. Okla.):  11/05(25), 2/06(13)

Anderson v. Hermosa Beach (9th Cir.): 9/10(32)

Anderson v. Islamic Republic of Iran (D.D.C.): 4/00(45)

Anderson v. Suiters (10th Cir.): 9/07(7)

Anderson Columbia v. Pensacola News Journal (Fla. Cir.): 12/03(11), 7/04(19), 4/05(15), 10/06(16)

Andreas v. Volkswagen of America, Inc. (8th Cir.): 10/03(75)

Angel et al v. Walmart (Ky. Cir.): 1/99(9)

Aniston v. Man’s World Publications (C.D. Cal.): 7/02(18)

Anjoorian v. Star Tribune (Minn. App.): 9/97(11)

Anonsen v. Donahue/Multimedia (Texas): 6/94(2)

Anonymous v. Anonymous (N.Y. Sup.): 7/02(44)

Anti-Defamation League v. Quigley (U.S.): 3/04(24)

Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith v. Sup. Ct. (Cal.): 12/98(8)

APB News v. Judicial Conference (S.D.N.Y.): 2/00(31)

Apple Computer, Inc. v. Doe (Cal. Super.): 3/05(9)

April v. Reflector-Herald (Ohio App.): 4/08(26)

Aretakis v. Hearst (N.Y. Sup.): 2/06(21), 8/09(24)

Arizona v. Gravano (U.S.S.C.): 2/04(14)

Arizona v. Wells (Ariz. Munic.): 6/03(41); (Ariz. Super.): 8/04(16)

Arkansas v. Michael Nichols (Ark.): 7/00(19)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. v. Judge Ellen Brantley: 11/04(41)

Arkansas Democrat Gazette v. Zimmerman (Ark.): 8/00(34)

Armington v. Fink (E.D. La.): 3/10(15)

Armistead v. Minor (Miss.): 5/02(19)

Armour v. Federated Publications, Inc. (Mich. App.): 1/05(16)

Armstrong v. Simon & Schuster (N.Y. App. Div.): 4/95(4), 11/96(11), 10/99(17), 3/01(13)

Armstrong v. Times Newspapers Ltd. & Others (UK): 1/05(42), 8/05(37)

Arnzen and Bryden Pawnshop, Inc. v. Fisher Broadcasting, Inc. et al. (Id. Dist.): 5/04(3)

Aron v. Aron (Md.): 3/99(39)

Aron v. Brock (Md.): 4/96(13)

Arons v. New Jersey Network (N.J. Super. App. Div.): 8/01(34)

Aronson v. Dog Eat Dog Films, Inc. (W.D. Wash.): 9/10(3)

Arrow Productions v. The Weinstein Company (S.D.N.Y.): 9/14(36)

Art of Living Foundation v. Does (N.D. Cal.): 11/11(29)

Arthur v. Offit (E.D. Va.): 3/10(13)

Asbury Park Press v. Lakewood Township Police Dept. (N.J. Super.): 4/02(33)

Ash v. McKennitt: 2/06(35); 12/06(29); 2/07(33)

Ashcraft v. Conoco, Inc. et al. (E.D.N.C.): 2/98(10), 3/98(23), 11/98(30), 7/00(1)

Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (U.S.): 2/01(35), 4/02(57)

Ashcroft v. Iqbal (U.S.): 8/09(3), 8/09(7)

Ashcroft v. Randel (N.D.Ga.): 12/03(34), 10/05(49); (11th Cir.): 2/06(38)

Ashworth Hospital v. MGN Ltd. (U.K.): 2/06(39)

Ashworth v. MGN (U.K.): 7/02(55)

Asia Economic Institute v. Xcentric Ventures (C.D. Cal.): 6/11(20)

Asociacion de Periodistas de Puerto Rico v. Mueller (1st Cir.): 7/08(35)

Ass v. Viacom International, Inc (Dist. Montana): 7/03(22)

Associated Newspapers, Ltd. v. Prince of Wales (U.K.): 12/06(25)

Associated Press (AP):

Associated Press v. Boyd (Tex. App.): 5/05(11)

Associated Press v. Crofts (Mont.): 5/04(31)

Associated Press v. Dept of Justice (S.D.N.Y.): 3/07(45); (2nd Cir.): 1/09(24)

Associated Press v. Int’l News Serv., Inc. (2nd Cir.): 7/11(3)

Associated Press v. Meltwater (S.D.N.Y.): 03/13(11)

Associated Press v. New Hampshire (N.H.): 1/06(33)

Associated Press, et al. v. Otter (9th Cir.): 6/12(34)

Associated Press v. United States Department of Defense (S.D.N.Y.): 1/06(29); 10/06(55); 12/06(31)

Cook v. Associated Press and Houston Chronicle (Tex.): 5/00(8)

McClatchey v. Associated Press (W.D. Pa.): 7/07(37)

Peterson v. The Associated Press (D. Utah): 9/00(15)

Association for Retarded Citizens / Ouachita v. Wilson (La. App.): 5/08(15)

Astor, In re (N.Y.): 9/06(39)

Astra USA, Inc. v. Bildman (Mass. App.): 9/01(23)

Atiga v. San Diego Union-Tribune (Cal. App.): 2/04(9)

Atkinson v. McLaughlin: 12/06(13)

Atlanta Humane Society, et al. v. Harkins (Ga. Sup.): 1/05(23)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Atlanta Journal Constitution, et. al. v. City of Atlanta Dept. of Aviation (N.D. Ga.): 12/04(57)

Atlanta Journal Constitution, et. al. v. City of Atlanta (11th Cir.): 2/02(31), 3/03(49)

Sales v. Atlanta Journal Constitution (Ga.): 12/96 (1)

Attorney General v. MGN (EWHC): 8/11(25)

Aubry v. Editions Vice Versa Inc.; CBS Intervenor (Canada): 4/98(21)

Austin v. PMG d/b/a The Times-Georgian (Ga. App.): 4/06(21)

Australian Broad. Corp. v. Lenah Game Meats Pty. Ltd (Australia): 2/02(29)

Authors Guild:

Authors Guild v. Dialog Corp. (S.D.N.Y.): 10/00(37)

Authors Guild et. al. v. Google (S.D.N.Y.): 1/09(18), 4/11(3), 6/12(23), 12/13(12)

Auvil v. CBS (9th Cir.): 10/94(1), 11/95(3), 3/96(12), 5/96(2)

Ava v. NYP Holdings, Inc. (N.Y. Sup.): 8/08(18)

Averill v. The Superior Court of Orange County: 6/96(9)

Aviation Charter, Inc. v. ARGUS (D. Minn.): 8/04(36); (8th Cir.): 7/05 (19)

Avila & Univision Television Group, Inc. v. Larrea (Tex. App.): 01/13(25)

Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. v. Hertz Corp. (2nd Cir.): 8/07(23)

Axel Springer v. Germany (ECHR): 2/12(29)

Ayala v. Washington (D.C. App.): 9/96(11)

Ayash v. Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Mass. Super.): 11/98(32), 3/99(7), 11/99(21), 4/01(9), 2/02(7), 2/02(9), 3/02(3), 2/05(23)

Ayeni v. CBS (E.D.N.Y.; 2nd Cir.): 7/94(3), 9/94(1), 10/94(1)

Axel Springer AG (No. 2) v. Germany (ECHR): 9/14(53)


Bachchan v. India Abroad Publications, Inc. (N.Y Sup.): 2/95(1)

Bacon v. Kirk (Ohio App.): 2/01(7), LLC v. McKenna (W.D. Wash): 8/12(38)

Baer v. Chase (D.N.J.): 1/08(21)

Bagley v. IRS (U.S. Tax): 1/96(9)

Bagoura v. The Washington Post (Canada): 9/05

Bagwell v. WDBJ Television Inc. (Va. Cir.): 12/03(54)

Bahen v. Diocese of Steubenville (Ohio app.): 7/13(24)

Bahleida v. Santa (Canada): 6/03(27), 11/03(17)

Bai v. Sing Tao Daily Ltd. (Canada): 7/03(59)

Baigent and Leigh v Random House (U.K.): 5/06(39)

Bailey v. Mathers (Mich. Cir.): 12/03(22); (Mich. App.): 4/05(21)

Bailey v. Turbine Design (W.D. Tenn.): 4/00(15)

Baker v. Goldman Sachs & Co. (2nd Cir.): 2/12(35)

Baker v. Haite-Observateur (S.D. Fla.): 02/13(08), 04/13(28)

Baker v. Parsons (Mass.): 8/01(31)

Bakhtiarnejad v. Cox Enterprises (Georgia): 6/99(11)

Balboa Island Village Inn v. Lemen (Cal.): 5/07(17), 5/08(14), 1/14(27)

Balco: In re Grand Jury Subpoenas (Fainaru-Wada, Williams) (N.D. Cal.):  8/06(16), 9/06(4)

Baldeo v. Sony Corp. Pictures, et al. (E.D.N.Y.): 5/06(38)

Baldwin v. Fischer-Smith (Mo. App.): 8/10(25)

Ballard v. Wagner (Me. Super.): 8/03(22)

Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. v. Faber (C.D. Cal.): 2/99(30)

Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore Sun Co., et al. v. Ehrlich Jr., et al. (D. Md.): 1/05(31), 2/05(43); (4th Cir): 5/05(7), 2/06(3)

Parren J. Mitchell v. The Baltimore Sun Company (Md. Ct. Spec. App.): 10/05(28)

Banamex v. Narco News: see Banco Nacional de Mexico v. Rodriguez

Banco Nacional de Mexico v. Rodriguez (N.Y. Sup.) (Banamex v. Narco News): 12/01(25)

Bandido’s v. Journal Gazette Inc. (Ind. App.): 12/96(7), 7/99(11), 11/99(36)

Bangoura v. U.S. Dep’t of the Army: 12/06(32)

Bangoura v. The Washington Post (Canada): 2/04(35), 8/04(51), 3/05(47)

Bank Julius Baer v. Wikileaks (N.D. Cal.): 2/08(7); 3/08(17)

Barber v. Gillett Communications (Ga. App.): 1/97(13)

Barclays Capital v. The (S.D.N.Y.): 3/10(3); 7/11(4)

Bardinas v. Delaney (N.J. Super.): 2/07(29)

Bari v. Buck (N.D. Cal.): 7/02(31)

Barker v. Gulf-California Broadcasting Company, et al. (Cal. App.): 7/04(39)

Barnes v. Yahoo! (D. Or.):  11/05(27), 12/09(25)

Barnes & Noble: In re Grand Jury Subpoena to Barnes & Noble, Inc. (D.D.C.): 4/98(25)

Barnhart v. Paisano Publications, LLC (D. Md.): 11/06(25)

Barr v. Clinton (D.C. Cir.): 6/04(14)

Barrett v. Catacombs Press (E.D. Pa.): 4/99(21), 10/99(21)

Barrett v. Clark (Cal. Super.): 8/01(33)

Barrett v. Rosenthal (Cal. App.): 11/03(57); 11/06(15)

Barrick Gold Corp. v. Lopehandia (Can.): 6/04(39)

Bartel v. Capital Newspapers Div. of Hearst (N.Y. Small Claims): 8/97(28)

Bartlett v. Bradford Publishing (Pa. App.): 11/05(44)

Bartnicki v. Vopper (U.S.): 1/99(17), 1/00(7), 4/00(34), 5/00(11), 6/00(22), 12/00(1), 6/01(5)

Bashford v. Information Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia): 5/04(50), 6/04(35)

Balsley v. LFP, Inc (6th Cir): 8/12(27)

Barhoum v. NYP Holdings, Inc. (Mass. Super.): 3/14(19)

Bates v. Cast (Okla. App.): 2/14(10)

Batra v. Wolf (N.Y. Sup.): 3/08(25)

Battaglieri v. Mackinac Center for Public Policy (Mich. App.): 3/04(14)

Battle v. A&E Television Networks, LLC (M.D. Tenn.): 8/11(9)

Batzel v. Smith (C.D. Cal.): 7/01(39)

Batzel v. Smith (9th Cir.): 7/03(49), 12/03(53), 3/08(41), 5/14(18)

Bauer v. Gannett Co. (Minn. App.): 1/97(7)

Baugher v. California (Cal. App.): 1/97(11)

Baumback v. ABC News (E.D. Va.): 9/97(9)

Baxter v. Sandusky Newspapers (Ohio Com. Pleas): 1/11(30)

Baxter v. Scott (La. App., 2nd Cir.): 6/03(14)

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Daily Show, The:

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Dallas Morning News:

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Denver Post:

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Detroit News:

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See also “Crazy Horse” (estate of)

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San Francisco Chronicle:

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State of Y see individual state

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