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March 2017

MediaLawLetter February 2017


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From the Executive Director’s Desk, Protecting a Press and  First Amendment Under Fire: A Blueprint for Action
Free Press Coalition Forming; Pro Bono Help Sought

Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer: Laura Prather
The Second Installment in Our New Series


Texas Supreme Court Reverses and Remands Important Media Defamation Case for New Trial
Newspaper To Seek Rehearing to Have Case Dismissed
Brady v. Klentzman

Massachusetts High Court: Anti-SLAPP Law Protects Opinion Writing
Broader Interpretation of Statute May Help Journalists
Cardno Chemrisk v. Foytlin

11th Cir.: Applying CA Anti-SLAPP Law, Court Holds No Actual Malice in Doctors’ Dispute
Court Also Finds No Commercial Speech on Lanham Act Claim
Tobinick v. Novella

N.D. Ga.: Court Rules Anti-SLAPP Law Cannot Be Used in Federal Court
SLAPP Law Conflicts With Federal Motion to Dismiss Standard
Carbone v. Cable News Network

D.C. Super.: Court Grants Anti-SLAPP Motion and Dismisses Liberian Public Works Minister’s Libel Complaint
Moore v. Costa

N.Y. App.: Court Reinstates Statutory Privacy Case Against Lifetime Docudrama
Axe Murderers Have Name & Image Rights, Too!
Porco v. Lifetime

Tex. App.: Defamation Case vs. Texas Newspaper Survives Summary Judgment
Series of Articles as a Whole Could Be False and Defamatory
Scripps NP Operating, LLC v. Carter

S.D.N.Y.:  Biometric Privacy Class Action Falls Flat Under Spokeo
Case Illustrates Difference Between Legitimate Fears and Compensable Injury
Vigil v. Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.


Tenn. App.:  Press Shield Law Protects Dateline from Disclosing Unaired Interview
State Failed to Show Information Was Unobtainable By Alternative Means
Tennessee v. Clark