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October 2011

MediaLawLetter February 2011


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N.J.: Truth Defense Includes Expunged Materials, NJ High Court Rules
Expungement Does Not Make a True Fact False
G.D. v. Kenny

N.H.: Sheriff Candidate Has No Privacy Claim over Disclosure of Annulled Conviction
Expungement Doesn’t Shroud Record in Secrecy
Lovejoy v. Linehan

Va. Cir.: Virginia Student Wins $5 Million Libel Damage Verdict
Newspaper Article Implied He Bullied High School Student
Webb v. Virginian-Pilot

Fla. Cir.: Florida Jury Socks Radio Show Host with $1.61 Damage Award
Defendant Found Liable for Defamation; Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process
Mask v. Guetzloe

W.D. Wash.: Washington’s Right of Publicity Statute Struck Down as Unconstitutional in Part
Choice of Law Provision Violates Due Process, Commerce Clause
Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. v., Ltd.

9th Cir.: “Monetizing a Virtual Identity”
Ninth Circuit Hears Appeal of Right of Publicity Suit
Keller v. Electronic Arts, Inc.

C.D. Cal.: Not-So-Posh Libel Outcome for David Beckham
Private Conduct of Pubic Interest
Beckham v. Bauer Publishing Company, L.P., et al.

D. Minn.: Court Grants Summary Judgment in Favor of CBS; Sponsor of $1.8 Million Home Giveaway Was Limited Purpose Public Figure
No Actual Malice
Stepnes v. Ritschel

Pa. App.: Pennsylvania Court Sets Standard for Unveiling Anonymous Internet Defamation Defendants
Adopts Test Based on Dendrite and Cahill
Pilchesky v. Gatelli


N.J.: New Jersey Justices Lean Toward Narrow Definition of “News Media” at Argument
Court Hears Shield Law Argument in Blogger Libel Case
Too Much Media v. Hale

N.Y. Sup.: Trial Court Finds Criminal Defendant’s Sixth Amendment Rights Trump State Shield Law’s Absolute Protection for Identity of Confidential Source
Newspaper Elects Not to Appeal
In re Subpoena People v. Diaz


Canada: Supreme Court of Canada Addresses Group Libel
“Offensive Comments” Not Sufficient Basis for Claim of Reputational Harm
Bou Malhab v. Diffusion Métromédia CMR inc.

UK & Europe: Other Side of the Pond: Updates on UK and European Media Law Developments
Libel Tourism, Phone Hacking, Privacy and More


Fla.: Criticism Submitted to Florida Bar on Proposed Regulation of Electronic Devices in Court
Narrow Definition of Journalist Could Limit Court Coverage


U.S.: U.S. Supreme Court Assumes Constitutional Right to Informational Privacy, but Allows Broad Background Checks on Government Contractors
Scalia and Thomas Concur; Reject Constitutional Right of Informational Privacy
NASA v. Nelson


11th Cir.: Plaintiffs in Girls Gone Wild Civil Suit Allowed to Proceed Anonymously
Potential for Harm Outweighs Interest in Openness
Plaintiff B v. Francis

Me. Sup.: Court Invalidates $1 Million Fee for Access to Electronic Public Records
Right of Bulk Access to Electronic Records Vindicated
MacImage of Maine, LLC v. Androscoggin County


Refresher on Legal Ethics for Media Lawyers
The “Corporate Miranda” Warning
ABA Model Rule 1.13

Tatgenhorst v. WBBM-TV
Cal. App. Appeals Court Calls for Eliminating Appeals from Denials of Anti-SLAPP Motions