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January 2015

MediaLawLetter December 2014


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From the Executive Director’s Desk
Sony Hack and the Press

DCS Annual Meeting
This Year’s Accomplishments and Plans for 2015


Fla.: “Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli”
Jurors Reject Ex-Mafia Enforcer’s Defamation Claim
Milano v. Halifax Media Holdings, LLC, Daytona Beach News Journal

D. Minn.: Court Denies Defendant’s Post-Trial Motions in Jesse Ventura Libel Case
Sufficient Evidence of Actual Malice; Court Allows Unjust Enrichment Damages
Ventura v. Kyle

La. App.: Libel Claim Over Newspaper Headline Reinstated
Headline Stating Lawyer “Deserts Client” Was False and Defamatory
Brown v. Times Picayune

Second Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment In Big Short Libel Case
Many Challenged Statements Lacked Defamatory Meaning
Chau v. Lewis

Ill.: Legislature Passes New Eavesdropping Law
Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature


Kan. Dist.: Court Lifts Prior Restraint on “In Cold Blood” Investigation Files
First Amendment Trumps State and Family Privacy Interests in Old Criminal Case Files
Kansas v. Nye


S.D. Fla.: Court Strikes Florida Lawyer-Advertising Rules
State Bar’s “Naked Paternalism” Violates First Amendment
Rubenstein v. The Florida Bar


The SAVE Act: Will Congressional Efforts to Stem Sex Trafficking Undermine Section 230?
H.R. 4225, S. 2536


Ariz. App.: Appeals Court Prohibits Secret Witness Testimony In Criminal Trial
Court Rejects Murder Defendant’s Bid for Closed Testimony
KPNX-TV Channel 12, et al. v. Stephens

Fla. App.: Court Holds Open Meeting Law Applies to Collective Bargaining
Voids a Pension Agreement Reached During Federal Mediation
Brown v. Denton

Federal FOIA Reform Bill Fails in Last Days of Congress
Bipartisan Support Gives Hope for Reintroduction in 2015

Sunshine in the Courtroom Act of 2013
House Hearing on Cameras in Courts Bill