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September 2016

MediaLawLetter August 2016


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From the Executive Director’s Desk
Campaign Lies: How Should Reporters Expose the Liars?

The Monthly Daily
An Ongoing Experiment in Drinking from the Firehose


9th Cir.: Court Upholds Order Denying Anti-SLAPP Motion In Stock Photograph Defamation by Implication Case
Manzari v. Associated Newspapers Ltd.

3d Cir.: Court Reinstates Libel Suit vs Newspaper Over Stock Photo Illustration
Article Could Be “Of and Concerning” Firefighter in Photo
Cheney v. Daily News, L.P.

S.D.N.Y.: Rolling Stone Article Not “Of and Concerning” Three UVA Frat Members
Court Also Rejects Plaintiffs’ ‘Small Group Libel’ Theory
Elias v. Rolling Stone LLC

Ark. Cir.: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Wins Directed Verdict in Doctor’s Libel Trial
Article About Prescribing Controlled Drugs Protected by Fair Report Privilege
Nayles v. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

N.Y. Sup.: Newspaper Can Sue Photographer and Agency Over Miscaptioned Photo
Mistake Could Lead to Foreseeable Harm
Lederer v. Daily News, L.P.

California Supreme Court Holds Anti-SLAPP Reaches Distinct Claims
Decision Resolves Split Among Appellate Districts
Baral v. Schnitt


3d Cir.: Court Dismisses Cosby Appeal as Moot
Documents Already Released to the Public Cannot Be Re-Sealed
Constand v. Cosby

Ill.: AG: Public Employee’s Personal Emails Can Be Public Records


D.C. Circuit Rules Terrorism Victims Can’t Attach Countries’ Internet Domains
Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Will Not Reach Iranian, Syrian, and North Korean Domains
Weinstein v. Islamic Republic of Iran


Ga. Super.: Court Quashes Subpoena for Unpublished News Footage
Request for In Camera Review an Improper ‘Fishing Expedition
State v. Spurlock