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August 2015

MediaLawLetter August 2015


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From the Executive Director’s Desk
The MLRC Institute: Where Do We Go From Here?


S.D.N.Y.: HBO Wins Libel Trial Over Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Report
Plaintiff Does Not Appeal
Mitre Sports International Limited v. Home Box Office, Inc.

Arizona Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal Of Emotional Distress Claims
Fox News Network Prevails in Suit Over “Live” Telecast of Car Chase Ending in Suspect’s Suicide
Rodriguez v. Fox News Network, L.L.C.

Cal. Super.: Rights of Publicity in Actor-Created Fictional Characters
Whose Mask Is It Anyways?
Sivero v. Fox Television Studios et al.

D.N.J.: News Organizations Not Liable for Reporting Wrongful Arrest
Libel Lawsuit Dismissed Under Fair Report Privilege
Lee v. TMZ et al.


6th Circuit Rules in Favor of Reporter David Ashenfelter
12 Year Fight to Protect Source May Give Rise to New Defenses
Convertino v. Dept. of Justice


NJ Appeals Court Vacates Orders Prohibiting Daily News From Reporting On Its Motion To Unseal
But Then Seals Its Own Order Until Being Asked To Reconsider
L.C. v. S.C. and L.F.


W.D. Wash.: Court Permanently Enjoins Release of Erotic Dancers’ Names
Roe v. Anderson


D.C. Circuit Debates Reach of Zauderer on Compelled Corporate Speech
Case Involved Mandatory Disclosures Regarding Use of “Conflict Minerals” in Manufacturing
Nat’l Ass’n of Mfrs. v. SEC


ECHR: Privacy Rights Trump Media Rights to Publish (Extensive Amounts of) Truthful Information from Public Records
Satakunnan Markkinapörssi Oy and Stamedia Oy v. Finland


N.D. Ill.: Loses TRO, Preliminary Injunction in Case Against Sheriff
District Court Finds Lack of Causation, No Irreparable Harm from Sheriff’s Threats to Visa, MasterCard LLC v. Dart