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May 2014

MediaLawLetter Associate Edition 2014 Issue 1


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Libel & Privacy

UK: Across the Pond: UK Media Law Developments
No Special Constitutional Rights for Journalists; Prince Charles’ Diary and More
Miranda v Secretary of State for Home Department; R (Evans) v Attorney General; R (BSkyB) v Commissioner of Police

Privy Council: Journalist’s Conviction for ‘Scandalising the Court’ Overturned by Privy Council
Offense Can No Longer Be Treated as a Strict Liability Crime
Dhooharika v Director of Public Prosecutions

Canada: Researcher-Participant Privilege Is Established in Canada
Court Recognizes Need to Protect Promises of Confidentiality in Academic Research
Parent c. R.

ECHR: MLRC Joins Coalition Seeking Grand Chamber Review in Delfi v. Estonia
ECHR Held News Portal Could Be Liable for User Comments


Singapore Court of Appeal Rejects Request For Pre-Action Disclosure of Journalist’s Sources
Court Took Note of Public Interest in Exposing Corruption
Dorsey v. World Sports Group

Australia: The Development of Shield Laws in Australia and the Growing Quest for Journalists’ Sources


UK: Wall Street Journal Wins UK Access Motion
Phone-hacking Prosecutors Must Supply Exhibits, No Strings Attached


European Court of Justice Rules on Hyperlinks and Copyright Liability
How Does Decision Compare to US and Canadian Approaches?
Svensson v. Retriever Sverige AB

Ninth Circuit Orders Take-Down of “Innocence of Muslims” Video
Novel and Controversial Application of Copyright Law
Garcia v. Google

2d Cir.: Circuit Affords Protection to News Organizations That Report on Copyrightable Material
Publication of Content of Analyst Call Fair Use
Swatch Group Management Services Ltd. v. Bloomberg L.P.


7th Cir.: Court Reinstates Trademark and Publicity Claims Over Sports Illustrated Page
Supermarket’s Page Congratulating Michael Jordan Ruled Commercial Speech
Jordan v. Jewel Food Stores, Inc.


D.C. Circuit Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Rules
But the FCC Will Live to Fight Another Day
Verizon v. FCC


MLRC Miami Conference Explores Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-Border Publishing

2014 MLRC/Southwestern Law School 11th Annual Media and Entertainment Law Conference