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January 2013

MediaLawLetter Associate Edition 2013 Issue 4


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MLRC Annual Dinner 2013
“A Conversation With Aaron Sorkin”

Online Advertising Takes Center Stage at 2013 MLRC Forum

Minutes of MLRC’s 2013 Annual Meeting


UK & Europe: Across the Pond: Updates on UK and European Media Law Developments
Open Justice, Jurors and the Internet, Implementation of the Defamation Act, and more

ECHR: Judgment against Austrian Newspaper Not a Violation of Article 10
Defamation, Privacy and Public Figures
Print Zeitungsverlag GmbH v. Austria

IACHR: Setbacks and Tension in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Criminal Defamation Conviction Not a Violation of Free Expression Right
Mémoli v. Argentina

ECHR Rules That News Portal Can Be Held Responsible for User Comments
Estonian Ruling Not a Breach of Article 10
Delfi v. Estonia

Argentina Supreme Court Protects Online Reposting
Intermediary Liability Doctrine: Same Wine in New Bottle?
Sujarchuk v. Warley

UK: Wall Street Journal Succeeds in Lifting UK Reporting Injunction
Four Day Ban on Libor Scandal Reporting
Matter of R v. Tom Hayes, Terry Farr and James Gilmour


S.D.N.Y.: Photojournalist Wins $1.22 Million Judgment Over Images Taken From Twitter
Trial Demonstrates Risk
Morel v. AFP and Getty Images

S.D.N.Y.: Google’s Digital Book Program Passes Fair Use Test
Index and Snippets a “Transformative Use”
Authors Guild, Inc., and Betty Miles, Joseph Goulden, and Jim Bouton v. Google Inc.

Sixth Circuit Upholds Dismissal of All Claims Related to “Soul Men” Film and Soundtrack
Movie Did Not Violate Trademark or Publicity Rights
Moore v. The Weinstein Company LLC

3d Cir.: Court Affirms Dismissal of Copyright Lawsuit Arising from VH1 Reality Shows
Claims Barred by Res Judicata
Sims v. Viacom, Inc.


New York High Court: Don’t Send Journalists to Testify In States with Weak Shield Laws
Subpoena to Jana Winter Rejected
Holmes v. Winter


Cal.: New California Law Criminalizes Photography of Celebrities’ Children
Celebrities Testified About Harassment
Senate Bill 606

E.D. La.: Prosecutors’ Online Posts and Leaks Grounds for New Trial in Murder Case
Use of Social Media and Leaks Prejudiced Fair Trial Rights
U.S. v. Bowen