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January 2012

MediaLawLetter Associate Edition 2012 Issue 3



Irish High Court Quashes Deposition Subpoena for U.S. Litigation
Journalist & Expert Privilege: Requirement for Deposition Not Convincingly Established
Cornec v. Morrice

French Court Prohibits Further Publication of Topless Kate Photos by Closer Magazine

Philippines: New Cybercrime Law Makes Online Libel a Crime
Law Contains Tough New Punishments for Libel
Cybercrime  Prevention Act of 2012

IACourtHR: Inter-American Court Issues First Press Privacy Decision
Newspaper Reports About President’s Private Life Protected
Fontevecchia and D´Amico v. Argentina


Drones: The Final Frontier in Privacy Rights?


Australia Tightens Controls on Corporate Use of Social Media
Corporations May Be Liable for User Postings
ACCC v Allergy Pathway Pty Ltd and Anor


Sixth Circuit Affirms Copyright Infringement Verdict Against Hustler Magazine
Embarrassing Photo of News Anchor Not Transformative
Balsley v. LFP, Inc

9th Cir.: Tabloid’s Publication of Secret Celebrity Wedding Photos Not Fair Use
Magazine Infringed Celeb’s Copyright
Monge et al. v. Maya Magazines, Inc.

Seventh Circuit Vacates Injunction Against Video Bookmarking Website
Links to Pirated Videos Not Contributory Infringement
FlavaWorks, Inc. v. Gunter

S.D.N.Y.: Louis Vuitton Wins Trademark Dilution Claim Against Hyundai
Court Rejects Fair Use Defense for Social Commentary in Ad
Louis Vuitton Malletier, S.A. v. Hyundai North America

11th Cir.: Artist’s Depictions of College Football Team Protected By First Amendment
Expressive Right Trumps Trademark Claim
Univ. of Ala. Bd. Of Trs. v. New Life Art, Inc.

S.D.N.Y.:  Google Books Update: S.D.N.Y. Denies Google’s Motion to Dismiss, Grants Class Certification to Authors Guild
Fair Use Decision Likely
Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.; American Society of Media Photographers, et al. v. Google, Inc.

S.D.N.Y.: Trademark Lawsuit Over Hangover II Dismissed
Images of Knock-off Bag Not Actionable
Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. v. Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc.

2d Cir.: Online Streaming of Television Programming Not a “Cable System” Under Copyright Act
Second Circuit Affirms Preliminary Injunction
WPIX, Inc. et al v. ivi, Inc.


Can Government Punish False Speech Just Because It’s False?
U.S. Supreme Strikes Down the Stolen Valor Act
United States v. Alvarez

Unanimous Supreme Court Invalidates FCC’s “Fleeting Expletives” Indecency Decisions and Denies Review of Invalidated Super Bowl Fine
New Policy Was Too Vague to Put Broadcasters on Notice
FCC v. Fox Television Stations