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May 2020

MediaLawLetter April 2020


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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Top Five Journalism, Law & Sports Movies
George Freeman

MLRC Miami Conference 2020

Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer
Cynthia Arato


Texas Appeals Court (Probably) Ends Pain Doctor’s Long-Running Libel Litigation
Jim Hemphill

M.D. Fla.: Court Tosses Confederate-Statue Supporter’s Claim for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction
Joe Slaughter

S.D.N.Y.: New York Times Wins Dismissal of Attorney’s “Groping” Libel Suit
David McCraw

C.D. Cal.: Dr. Oz Wins Class Action Suit Through Novel Twist In The California Anti-Slapp Law
Chip Babcock


U.S.: Sovereign Pirates: Copyright Owners Lose Their Remedies Against State Governments
Brian Wassom

Supreme Court Rejects Willfulness Requirement for Profit Awards in Trademark Infringement Actions
Sara Gates

Supreme Court Expands and Clarifies Copyright Law’s Government Edicts Doctrine
Brian Wassom

Ninth Circuit Holds First Amendment Tolerates Whiskey-Inspired Parody Dog Toys in Trade Dress Spat
Scott Sholder

D. Del.: Christmas Came Early for Defendants Seeking Dismissal in “Krampus” Copyright Infringement Case
Elizabeth Sloan

S.D.N.Y.: Tattoo Copyright Claim Results in Summary Judgment for Game Developer
Jeff Hermes

S.D.N.Y.: A Legal “Modern Warfare”: Activision and the First Amendment Triumph in Humvee Trademark Dispute
Tim Carter

New York District Court Holds Instagram Granted Embedder a Valid Sublicense
George Wukoson and Jim Rosenfeld


Supreme Court Sides with Comcast in Race Discrimination Lawsuit
Chris Bacon and Peter Goetschel

California’s “Gig Worker Bill” and Its Impact on Freelance Journalists and Photographers
Christopher Hickman