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May 2019

MediaLawLetter April 2019


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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Letter to a Newer Media Lawyer

10 Questions for a Media Lawyer: Cameron Stracher


Fighting Copyright Pirates Through Preregistration
What is “Preregistration” and How Does It Work?


Second Circuit Reaffirms Section 230’s Broad Immunity
Products Liability, Negligence, and Emotional Distress Claims Barred by Statute
Herrick v. Grindr LLC

Hot Topics Roundtable: Internet and Social Media Regulation
Professor Eric Goldman, Jeff Hermes and Josh Koltun


N.Y. Sup.: Fair Report Privilege Bars Libel Suit Against Jeanine Pirro
Mckesson v. Pirro

Cal. App.: Court Departs from Predominate Standard of Review for Libel by Implication Claims
Sonoma Media Investments, LLC v. Superior Court

Tex.: Powerful Lobby Groups Take Aim at the Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute

Tex. App.: Through the Looking Glass: Anti-SLAPP Law Held Applicable to Attorney Disciplinary Proceeding
Comm’n for Lawyer Discipline v. Rosales


5th Cir.: Court Denies Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Motion to Seal Courtroom in BP Oil Spill Case
BP Exploration & Production, Inc. v. Claimant ID 100246928

Minn. Dist.: Court Rules Graphic Videos Shown to Jury Cannot Be Shielded from Public View
State v. Noor

Colo. / Cal.: Colorado Opens Police Internal Affairs Files to the Public – Can Two States Spawn a National Trend?
A Periodic Report from MLRC’s State Legislative Committee