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May 2017

MediaLawLetter April 2017


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From the Executive Director’s Desk
The First 100 Days: Trump and Press – A Q&A

Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer: Barbara Wall


Ninth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Extreme and Outrageous Conduct Claim
Case Arose from Newspaper Editor’s Ill-Considered Email
Delevin v. Holteen

D. Kan.: “Vlad the Impaler” Loses Libel Suit vs. Time Inc.
Hyperbole and Golf Are No Strangers
Clark v. Time Inc.

Mo.: Defamation, “Puppy Mills” and “A Dog’s Purpose”
“Puppy Mill” Is Imprecise, Essentially Unverifiable
Smith v. Humane Society and Missourians for the Protection of Dogs


On Poker and Pokemon: Candy Lab Case Tests the Boundaries of Free Expression in Augmented Reality
Will AR Overcome Reactionary Attempts to Regulate
Candy Lab AR v. Milwaukee County


9th Cir.: Veteran Loser Perfect 10’s Latest Ninth Circuit Defeat
Giganews Did Not Materially Contribute to Infringement
Perfect 10 v. Giganews

9th Cir.: Court Holds Website Can Lose DMCA Safe Harbor by Using Moderators
Issues of Fact Whether Photos Were Stored at Direction of User
Mavrix Photographs v. LiveJournal


N.J. Super.: Court Refuses to Issue Subpoena to Journalist in Hernandez Murder Case
State Shield Law Blocks Interstate Subpoena
In the Matter of Proceedings to Compel Attendance of Kelly Whiteside


N.Y. Sup. Court Orders Further Review of Body Camera Footage
NYPD Must Produce Non-Exempt Footage
Matter of Time Warner Cable News NY1 v. New York City Police Department


Across the Pond: Updates on UK Media Law Developments
Twibel, Conditional Fee Agreements, Trump’s Wee Victory and More