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December 2022

Best of the MLRC Zoom Series 2022

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In 2022, MLRC continued a series of virtual conversations with lawyers, academics, and journalists. Experts in their fields, they each sat for hour long in-depth conversations. 

Judge Michael Luttig on his January 6th Hearing Testimony

Former Fourth Circuit Judge discusses the House Select Committee hearings, the constitutional issues surrounding efforts to prosecute Trump for speech related crimes or other malfeasance, and the state of our democracy.

Professor Eric Goldman on Platform Transparency and the Constitution

Santa Clara University School of Law professor on the First Amendment implications of efforts to compel internet services to disclose various aspects of their decision-making processes and criteria with respect to user-generated speech.

Professor Amy Gajda on Privacy and the Media and Her New Book “Seek and Hide”

Tulane Law professor, former journalist and privacy expert on the skirmishes between the press, the public, and the powerful, and the evolving boundaries of the law.

A Conversation with Ted Koppel

The award-winning journalist on the state of journalism today, the amalgamation of factual reporting and commentary, what can be done about disinformation and the poor perception of journalists, and some reminiscences of “Nightline.”

Ken Auletta on “Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence”

A conversation with The New Yorker’s Media Reporter and author of a recent vivid biography of Harvey Weinstein.