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August 2002

Articles & Reports – Cyberspace Committee

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International Law and the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Based on Internet Content

Download Publication I. INTERNATIONAL PRINCIPLES OF JURISDICTION 2 A. International Imposition of Liability on Foreign Internet Publishers B. European Union Principles of Jurisdiction and Choice of Law II. U.S. COURTS’ REFUSAL TO ENFORCE FOREIGN LIBEL JUDGMENTS THAT DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE FIRST AMENDMENT III. INTERNATIONAL LAW A. Threshold Protections B. Jurisdiction to Prescribe and…

Internet Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Issues

Download Publication Cyberspace Committee report.  Part of the Cyberspace Project.

Privacy Online 2.0

Download Publication Cyberspace Committee report.  Part of the Cyberspace Project.


The Electronic Communications Privacy Act and Internet Privacy Litigation

Download Publication Cyberspace Committee report. Part of the Cyberspace Project.


Cyberspace Project: Articles Regarding Selected Topics

Download Publication This past year the Cyberspace Committee of the Defense Counsel Section of the LDRC has worked to identify a number of topics in the field 2f cyberspace-related law that it believes will be of interest to members of the LDRC. The result of that work is the six articles which follow. These articles…

1997 Cyberspace Committee: Articles on Selected Topics

Download Publication An Annotated Bibliography Of CyberLaw Materials Concerning First Amendment And Intellectual Property Law Issues by Samuel Fifer & Ronald S. Bell Civil Liability ‘‘Safe Harbors” Under the Communications Decency Act of 1996 by Thomas B. Kelley and Steven D. Zansberg Corrections In Cyberspace by Michael Kovaka Enforcing Libel Judgments Obtained In Foreign Countries…

Online Defamation: Articles on Selected Topics from the New York State Bar Association Committee on Media Law and the LDRC Cyberspace Committee

Download Publication Introduction Liability of Owners And Operators of Online Services for Statements Uploaded by Others: To Edit or Not to Edit — Some Practical Suggestions By Steven Lieberman Corrections in Cyberspace By Michael Kovaka The Exon Amendment: Regulating Indecency by Deleting Free Speech on Computer Networks By Charles S. Sims Statute of Limitations Issues…