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Employment Law Committee

The Employment Law Committee applies the expertise of MLRC member firms regarding libel, privacy and related claims to the employment context, where such claims frequently appear in wrongful termination and related lawsuits.

Related Materials
Oct 2017

Challenges and Solutions for Media Companies and Their Journalist Workforces in Harnessing the Internet’s Power While Avoiding Its Pitfalls

W. Gary Fowler, Thomas H. Wilson, Jacob Ecker

A report on encouraging journalist employees’ use of social media while attempting to reasonably limit that use through policies and workplace rules; and dealing with the increased frequency with which journalists are subjected to abuse and harassment due to works published online.

Jun 2016

Legal Considerations for U.S. Media Employers Who Send Employees “Into Harm’s Way”

David Jacobs, Tom Wilson, Joshua Abbotoy

A media employer bears an ethical and legal burden to protect employees from foreseeable risks. The applicable law—at both the federal and state level—gives employers a blueprint for recognizing potential risk and designing effective protective measures.