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Sep 2022

Texas Appeals Court SLAPPs Lawsuit Against Community Newspaper

Samuel Calkins

The term “right wing propaganda” in the context of the article was a constitutionally protected opinion and a statutorily privileged fair comment on a matter of public concern.

May 2022

On Leakers and Lakers: Reflections on Two Recent MLRC Zoom Sessions

George Freeman

MLRC's executive director reflects on tthe recent SCOTUS leak, and a retraction demand sent by Jerry West to the producers of HBO's "Winning Time."

Mar 2022

Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Suit Against Researcher

Dori Hanswirth and Sam Callahan

The decision reaffirms the overriding importance of context under New York defamation law, particularly for statements made amid ongoing public controversies.

Aug 2021

What the Zuck! Court Grants USA Today’s Motion to Dismiss Social Media Personality’s Complaint

Michael Pusateri and Michael J. Grygiel

Judge Karsznitz — who presided over a two-hour oral argument on the motion to dismiss — was guided by longstanding precedent holding that the First Amendment is implicated whenever a plaintiff takes aim at speech addressing matters of legitimate public concern, no matter how her claims are styled. 

Jul 2021

Alan Dershowitz’s Libel Suit Against CNN Survives Motion to Dismiss

Amanda Levine

Judge Singhal's decision has potentially far-reaching implications for media organizations reporting on issues of public concern.

Mar 2021

New York Times Wins Dismissal of Libel Suit from Trump Campaign

Alexandra Settelmayer

The Trump Campaign, alleging “millions of dollars” in damages, brought the suit over a 2019 Op-Ed by Max Frankel which concerned interactions between Russians and associates of Mr. Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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May 2020

President Trump Is a Libel Bully Again and It’s Worse: He’s Suing from the White House

Susan E. Seager

Donald J. Trump the Libel Bully is back. But this time, rather than filing frivolous libel lawsuits against the press as a private citizen, Trump is filing meritless lawsuits against the press as president of the United States.