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Apr 2024

Texas Appellate Court Rejects LLC Plaintiff’s Bid for Statewide Venue in Defamation Case

Marc Fuller

A Texas court of appeals recently clarified the state’s venue statute governing libel and slander claims, rejecting an interpretation that would have given limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business entities the ability to file suit almost anywhere in the state.

Mar 2023

Satanic Temple Lawsuit Against Newsweek Magazine Largely Dismissed

Cameron Stracher and Sara Tesoriero

The Southern District of New York held that twenty-one of the twenty-two statements were not defamatory as a matter of law.

Mar 2023

Third Time’s a Charm: Tennessee Federal Court Dismisses Complaint Against Comedian Kathy Griffin for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

Michael J. Grygiel

This decision contributes to a body of developing case law in which courts have refused to indulge forum-shopping attempts by putative plaintiffs aggrieved by criticism on social media.