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Feb 2023

A Muslim Musician Is on Death Row for Singing on What’s App

Richard Winfield

The Nigerian musician, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, was expressing his religious beliefs in his lyrics which praised a Nigerian imam whom he sang was superior to the Prophet Mohammad.

Oct 2022

Australia’s Trial of the Century: Ben Roberts-Smith v. Fairfax Media

Peter Bartlett

Australian lawyer gives context about complex case pitting Australia’s most decorated soldier against experienced journalists who allege he committed war crimes in Afghanistan.

Jun 2022

Banks v. Cadwalladr – Meaning, Intention & Public Interest

Emma Linch

The length and detail of the judgment demonstrates the level of detail required to succeed in a public interest defence.

Jan 2022

Lloyd v. Google: UK Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Claimant’s Representative Action

David Barker and Caroline Henzell

The Supreme Court rejected the notion that every data subject affected by a non-trivial data breach is entitled to an award of compensation for the mere “loss of control” of their personal data.

Jan 2022

A Mighty SLAPP: Ontario Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Over Wall Street Journal Reporting

Joseph Weissman

If the decision stands on appeal, it is likely to strengthen press freedom in Canada, providing useful precedent for media defendants under the relatively new and untested anti-SLAPP law.

Dec 2021

ZXC v. Bloomberg – Privacy and the Criminal Process in England

David Barker, Caroline Henzell and Lottie Peach

The case will decide the issue of whether, and to what extent, a person who has not been charged with an offence can have a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to information that relates to a criminal investigation into their activities.

Sep 2021

Landmark Defamation Decision in Australia Says You Are Liable for the Comment Section

Peter Bartlett and Tess McGuire

In a decision with far-reaching ramifications for social media engagement in Australia, the country's top court ruled that media companies may be liable for allegedly defamatory comments left by readers on their Facebook posts.

Aug 2021

10 Questions to a Media Lawyer: Harry Melkonian

Harry Melkonian

The Sydney lawyer on career moves, big cases, quarantine living, and more.

Jun 2021

Going Big, One Problem at a Time: Europe’s Regulation of Digital Services and Markets Gathers Pace

Remy Chavannes, Anke Strijbos and Dorien Verhulst

The EU is determined to evolve into a self-aware, digitally sovereign bloc that sets the rules by which global technology companies have to operate. However, it is still struggling to make sharp choices between conflicting objectives, such as between privacy and competition, or between consumer protection and the promotion of innovation.

Feb 2021

High Court Hands Privacy Victory to Meghan Markle in Battle with Mail on Sunday

Julian Darrall

Mr Justice Warby gave summary judgment against Associated Newspapers in respect of the privacy claim, and on the issues of subsistence and infringement of copyright, concluding in each case that there was no realistic prospect of ANL successfully defending those issues at trial.