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Aug 2021

10 Questions to a Media Lawyer: Harry Melkonian

Harry Melkonian

The Sydney lawyer on career moves, big cases, quarantine living, and more.

Jun 2021

Going Big, One Problem at a Time: Europe’s Regulation of Digital Services and Markets Gathers Pace

Remy Chavannes, Anke Strijbos and Dorien Verhulst

The EU is determined to evolve into a self-aware, digitally sovereign bloc that sets the rules by which global technology companies have to operate. However, it is still struggling to make sharp choices between conflicting objectives, such as between privacy and competition, or between consumer protection and the promotion of innovation.

Mar 2021

The Joke That Went to the Supreme Court

Should a comedian pay damages for telling an offensive joke? This is a question the Supreme Court of Canada will decide this year. What interests will the Court balance? How does the case compare to Hustler v. Falwell? Is the First Amendment out of step with international trends and norms?

Feb 2021

High Court Hands Privacy Victory to Meghan Markle in Battle with Mail on Sunday

Julian Darrall

Mr Justice Warby gave summary judgment against Associated Newspapers in respect of the privacy claim, and on the issues of subsistence and infringement of copyright, concluding in each case that there was no realistic prospect of ANL successfully defending those issues at trial.

Feb 2021

Easier Said than Done? Recent Developments in Ontario’s Anti-SLAPP Law

Iris Fischer, Kaley Pulfer and Justin Manoryk

After several years of uncertainty around the interpretation and application of Ontario’s anti-SLAPP legislation, the past six months have brought a number of important developments.

Feb 2021

Contempt and Suppression Down Under

Peter Bartlett

When the third most powerful man in the Vatican was convicted of molesting two choirboys by an Australian jury in December 2018, media companies scrambled worldwide. Yet in Australia, there was media silence on specific details of the case.

Jan 2021

Exporting the Sullivan Case…to Belgium

Richard Winfield

An amicus curiae brief invites the European Court to consider how the U.S. Supreme Court resolved an issue as to whether a public official who is neither named nor identified in public criticism of government has standing in litigation to punish the authors of the criticism.

Jan 2021

UK Court Denies U.S. Request to Extradite Julian Assange

Raymond M. Baldino

According to UK experts, the United States faces an uphill battle on appeal because the Court’s findings of fact regarding Assange’s mental health are unlikely to be reversed.

Jan 2021

The Julian Assange Decision

A discussion of this week’s Julian Assange extradition ruling. What did the over 100 page opinion really say? While it denied extradition on mental health grounds, was it good or bad with respect to press freedom/national security issues? What is likely to happen on appeal? Will the case play out differently in a Biden Administration?…

Jan 2018

Link Liability – An EU/US Comparison and Guide

Edward Klaris & Alexia Bedat

Generally, in the United States, the act of linking to material that is either copyrighted or defamatory does not, on its own, carry liability. In Europe, however, the analysis has recently become significantly more complex.