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Intellectual Property

Jan 2021

Lessons from the Nicki Minaj Copyright Judgment

Jason Bloom

Tracy Chapman accepted a Rule 68 offer of judgment from Nicki Minaj, in a copyright infringement suit alleging that Minaj copied and distributed Chapman’s song Baby Can I Hold You without a license.

Jan 2021

CASE Act Signed, Sealed, and Delivered – Copyright Small Claims Court Coming Soon

Scott J. Sholder

The latest amendment to the Copyright Act of 1976 creates a long-awaited new home for the litigation of lower-value copyright cases.

Dec 2020

Cardi B Is Heading to Trial Over Her Tattooed Album Cover

Sara Gates

Cardi B and her entertainment company recently learned the hard way that when you use a photograph from Google Images on an album cover, you may wind up in a lengthy lawsuit that turns out to be one of the statistical few that go to trial.

Jul 2020

The Internet Archive National Emergency Library – A National Treasure In Uncertain Times or Mass Piracy?

Joseph Petersen, James Trigg, and Olivia Poppens

Publishers allege not only that the NEL constitutes broad copyright infringement, but that the entirety of the Internet Archive’s library services do as well.

Jul 2019