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Idea Theft

Dec 2023

Federal Court Dismisses Copyright Lawsuit Against Friends, Sex and the City, Other Shows

Elizabeth A. McNamara and Meenakshi Krishnan

The Court found that no lay observer could find any substantial similarities between the protectible material of Lee’s work and the four shows.

Nov 2023

California Federal Court Grants Summary Judgment for Defendants in Ad Astra Copyright / Idea Theft Case

David Aronoff and Josh Bornstein

Plaintiff alleged that Ad Astra infringed his copyright in and stole ideas from his unproduced spec screenplay entitled Cosmic Force. However, in granting summary judgment the Court ruled that these claims failed to raise genuine issues warranting a trial.

Jul 2021

District Court of Colorado Adopts Meta-Film’s “Access Through an Intermediary” Test in Copyright Case

David Aronoff, Michael Beylkin, and Joshua Bornstein

The decision is the first case in the Tenth Circuit to adopt the “access through an intermediary” test of the highly influential and widely-cited decision Meta-Film Assocs v. MCA.