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MediaLawLetter February 2018
Does the Trump Effect Extend to Jury Verdicts?; New York Federal District Court Rules Embedded Images Can Be Infringing; Court Awards $6.75 Million to Graffiti Artists Under VARA; West Virginia Court Dismisses Mine Owner’s Defamation Case Against John Oliver; Actor’s Right of Publicity Lawsuit Over Simpsons Character Fails; 10 Questions to Steve Mandell and more.

Practically Pocket-Sized Guide to Internet Law
A collection of concise articles on a range of Internet law questions that come up in day-to-day media law practice. Topics include: Section 230; Online Retractions and Corrections, Single Publication Rule; Enforceability of Electronic Contracts; Behavioral Advertising; Mobile Data Collection; The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; Text Messages and The Fourth Amendment; E-Discovery; and more.

Drones: Regulation and Practices
A report compiling and summarizing the FAA’s rules, known as Part 107. Part 107 governs any use of a drone “for non-hobby and non-recreational purposes,” which includes the use of drones by members of the media. In addition, the report covers other applicable federal regulations, best practices, criminal statutes that might be implicated with drone use, and potential developments in 2018, along with links to helpful portals, policies and other resources.

Articles and Reports on New Developments
Can the Government Compel Speech to Avoid Discriminatory Behavior?; “Disintermediation,” Blocking, and the First Amendment: Knight Institute Sues President Trump for Blocking Critical Twitter Followers; Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Biometric Data After 2017; The Neutral Reportage Doctrine: MIA. Doesn’t Good Journalism Demand It?

The Monthly Daily
Media law news round-up from Deputy Director Jeff Hermes. IN THIS FIERY AND FURIOUS ISSUE: No 3D printed gun for you | When it comes to rap music, everything is an emergency to the LAPD | The definition of torture porn | Hate the player, not the in-game avatar | What do Denver and Newark have in common, besides nothing?

The Naughty, Nice, and Nonsensical: Media Law in 2017
Deputy Director Jeff Hermes presents the 2017 Yearly Monthly Daily Awards.

Challenges and Solutions for Media Companies and Their Journalist Workforces in Harnessing the Internet’s Power While Avoiding Its Pitfalls
A report from the Employment Committee addressing two very timely issues: (1) How to encourage journalist employees’ use of social media while attempting to reasonably limit that use through policies and workplace rules; and (2) How to deal with the increased frequency with which journalists are subjected to abuse and harassment due to works published online.

Model Brief on Access to the Executive Branch
Model brief setting forth arguments and legal arguments meant to form the basis for a motion seeking media access to the executive branch. The Model Brief includes multiple potential constitutional arguments that could be made to obtain access to various activities of the executive branch. 

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