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MediaLawLetter June 2017
The Espionage Act Turns 100: Will Trump Use It Against Journalists?; SCOTUS: Trademark Disparagement Clause Violates First Amendment; Supreme Court Upholds First Amendment Right to Use Social Media; Court Finds Gun Documentary Was Neither False Nor Defamatory; Court Delivers Defamation Victory to D Magazine in “Party Crasher” Case; MLRC Pre-Pub Committee on The Rolling Stone/UVA Case; Pulse Nightclub: Litigation Over 911 Calls Finally Comes to a Close; and more.

Webinar: Criminal Law Issues Media Lawyers Need to Know
A webinar from the MLRC Next Generation Committee covering criminal law issues that media lawyers should be prepared to field, from wiretap and trespass laws to the Espionage Act and grand jury subpoenas.

MediaLawLetter May 2017
MLRC London Conference; Massachusetts High Court Weakens State’s Anti-SLAPP Law; Minnesota Anti-SLAAP Law Ruled Unconstitutional; Mich. App.: Bad Ass Lawyer Better Call Saul for Next Defamation Lawsuit; Maine Protects Anonymous Speech in Parody Newsletter;Vermont Enacts Shield Law; Copyright Case Against Conan O’Brien Headed to Trial; How Europe Is Tackling Fake News and What This Means for Online Platforms; Fighting for Access in the Sunshine State; Ten Questions to a Media Lawyer: David Keneipp and more.

Legal Frontiers in Digital Media
MLRC Bulletin 2017 Issue 1 - May 2017
Fake News, Yelpers, and Tweets, Oh My!: Section 230 Case Law Update; Shared Risks? The Top Six Issues Facing the Sharing Economy; MLRC Roundtable: A Discussion of Big Changes at the FCC

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