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Harry M. Johnston III

MLRC’s First Amendment Leadership Award Recipient, 2004

Harry M. Johnston III, formerly General Counsel at Time, Inc., was one of the founders of MLRC, or LDRC, as it was originally known. LDRC began as an outgrowth of an ad hoc group of media lawyers who met in the late 1970's to discuss the media law landscape of new mega-verdicts and Supreme Court decisions of unclear import.

Harry was one of the instigators of that group that sought to establish an organization to allow media defense lawyers to exchange information, ideas, techniques, and successful defense strategies. The ultimate goal was to allow media defense lawyers to better serve the publishers, broadcasters and reporters they worked for.

At the first official meeting of the Libel Defense Resource Center on November 12, 1980, Harry Johnston was elected its Chair – a position he held for 15 years, until his retirement from Time, Inc. at the end of 1995.

During that time, he brought oversight and vision and LDRC flourished. Today MLRC still bears the unmistakable imprint of Harry’s leadership, wisdom and good sense.

As published in the October 2004 MLRC MediaLawLetter

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